Adult Beginner

Welcome fellow squasher, you will LOVE this sport!!! Playing squash is easy... you can't hit the ball too hard, out of bounds or even break it! With a bit of know how you can stretch and make that massive court a lot smaller.. and in the process you will get an amazing work out!!!

We have fantastic advise on how to get started:

1. Get on court and whack the ball around. Dont ne scared, just do it. It is easier with a 'single yellow dot' squash ball (bounces more) and the more you hit the ball it actually warms up and bounces even more which makes it easier again. (Balls cost ~$3.00 at sportcheck)

2. There is programing at the spa for beginners. Don't be scared, we all started at some point and we want to show you what fun this sport is. There are racquets for hire and we recommend goggles. Mitch has an intoducory class on thursday evening. He will give you a little instruction and rally with you and coordinate some games. Nothing too overhhelming, just fun....and he's a fantastic guy too!

3. Schedule a lesson. we have fantastic coaches. get a pal or 2 (family member, your kid??) and phone john and ask for an introductory lesson. I gaurantee it will be awesome and you will be chomping for more!!!

4. Play in a tournament. Now, dont be intimidated. If you can serve, there's a biginner division for you. It's not about competing, its more to do with the fun you'll have, meeting new players, the wonderful socials and of course the work out. Have you heard about squash butt? it quite the thing to experience!

Useful contacts:

coach John 902 3679572