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Last evening saw the first of two fall editions of Squash PEI get underway with some great matches. Early in the program it was the Black Hawks doing battle with the Rangers. This match up was highlited by the battle at the #4 postion between Robert Blanchard of the Hawks and Rangers Jeremy Stiles. Robert new to house league action played gave throughout and gave Jeremy fits. But it was the fifth game that drew the crowds around court three. After 15 min they had each had match balls and no one could predict a winner. It wasn't until it was 12 all when Jeremy could string two winner together and claim victory and the extra point for the Rangers.

The Leafs, Red Wings encounter was unfortunately marked by a few 'no shows' but the Leafs demonstrated a very tough bottom of the order with convincing wins by Delores Crane and Dan Larter. As well this 6:30 match also demonstrated the growing maturity of 14 year old Liam Jinks. He was very convincing in his win at the #1 position over the always tough Dakota Cameron.

But the best was saved for last in the Canadiens/Bruins matchup. Eight of the nine matches were played and half of them went the distance. Theatre and restaurant entrepeneur Campbell Webster narrowly got by Paul Gallant, veterans Steve Bruce and Lyndon Oulton battled to the last few points when Steve claimed victory for the Bruins. At position #4 it was a US college rivalary between Tara Taschio (Colby) and former Dartmouth coach John Power.  Tara valliantly came back from a 10-6 deficit in the 5th to tie the score, but only to fall 14-12 to the 'ol man'. The best may have been saved to last. In fact most everyone had gone home when after trading games for almost an hour favoured UPEI student and a much improved A player in the province Nathan Phillips was on the edge of going down in the fifth to newly arrived doctor from Thunder Bay, Matthew Twitty.  Nathan summoned all his resources and claimed the predicted victory 12-10 and made the score Canadiens 29, Bruins 21. It was the end of a good first night of the season and signs of terrific squash every Wednesday at the SPA.



Lester Jinks v Emma Jinks PP

Zach Stevens v Pierre Ansellem PP

Bruce Johnson v Andy Gallant PP

Robert Blanchard 2 Jeremy Stiles 3

Robert Sharkie v Robert McNevin PP

Ryan Blanchard 1 Malcolm Rollings 3

Cory Stevenson 0 Phillip West 3

Nick Farquason v Jo Spencer PP

Solange Sharkie 1 Kelly McWilliams 3



Liam Jinks 3 Dakota Cameron 0

Benoit Sampson v Ken Sampson PP

Derek Gallant def. Chris Toleman DEFAULT

Olivia Phillips v Nick Campbell PP

Mike Irwin 1 John McLeer 3

Greg Mills  lost to Dan Lazerotos DEFAULT

Dylan Power def. Joey Parent DEFAULT

Delores Crane 3 Seanna Evans-Renault 0

Dan Larter 3 Erika Groman 1



Nathan Phillips 3 Matt Twitty 2

Lyndon Oulton 2 Steve Bruce 3

Brian Ashby 3 Logan Anderson 2

Tara Taschio 2 John Power 3

Wade Gaultier v Shawn Hughes PP

Josh Corkum 1 Enrique Riverall 3

Campbell Webster 3 Paul Gallant 2

Rhonda MacLean 3 Sheila McIver 0

Julie Gaudet 3 Mohammed Ghander 1

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