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The second pre-Christmas league got underway last evening with a total of 60 participants of all levels of ability. Immediately the newcomers made quite an impact on the weekly excitment.

Five of our newcomers where involved in action in the first match, the battle between the Black Hawks and Rangers. Delores Crane who had moved up a level from the first session welcomed Nigel with a very tough 3-2 match, at position #5. Two other players competing for the first time this year also went the distance with David Gautier coming back from 2-0 down to nip Jordan Chandler. Young Michael Cheeseman, one of three sibings to join the league and playing for the Rangers couldn't quite match the experience and ball control of Robert Sharkie. Michael's older brother Thomas playing #4 for the opposition fared a little better, scoring a very hard fought 3-2 victory over Shawn Hughes. In the second match-up of the evening between the Leafs and Wings, Maria, the third sibling and playing at postion#9 for the Red Wings couldn't contain Dylan Power who was prepared to give Maria a suitable welcome to the league. It is great to have another full family involvement. The Cheeseman's will have to work hard to duplicate the efforts of the Jinks and Phillip's clans. But for the first week they have certainly scored more points for their teams. A total of 5 and only Stephen Phillips garnering points for the Wings in his 3-1 loss to Dan Lazarotos. Everyone else had to reschedule, with Emma Jinks having the best excuse - she was playing a first round match of a women's professional tournament in Sarnia, Ontario.

Remember those that missed last night, get those matches played and make every effort to be there with the gang on Wednesdays.

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