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New Squash 2017 president's challenge

Dear fellow squash player,

 As the new Squash PEI President I am so excited for this 2017 season!  We want you to have a GREAT squash season!  My challenge to each and every player is this - this season, call a coach and have a lesson, and play in at least 1 tournament.  It’s fun and you will see why the squash and the squash crowd is so amazing!

 We are hosting, in conjunction with the rest of the people on this planet, a World Squash Day celebration.  PEI’s will be at the Spa.  It takes place on Saturday, September 30th.  Admission to the courts is FREE (thank you, Colin).  This will be a great opportunity to register for the season.  Registration includes the programs at the Spa, the League, and yes, even for the first tournament! 

 Here’s what you need to know:

What: Squash PEI World Squash Day celebration

When: Saturday, September 30th, from 1 to 4 pm

Where: The Spa, Charlottetown Mall (free admission for squash)

Why: Register for the season and…fun activities on each court:

   Court 1: Get on court with a champ for cardio squash (what a work out!!!)

  • Court 2: Free short 5 minute + lesson / a tip / some fun instruction / get the technique sorted on the reverse boast!
  • Courts 3 and 4: We will enrol you in a short spontaneous fun handicap tourney (1 every hour). A few condensed games with fellow players, prizes may include a squash ball, a coveted 2011 collectors t-shirt, and - of course - a highly sought after squash grip!!! 

 Between all this mayhem, we will get you registered for the season!

 A few other updates:

  • Our website is now up to date and we encourage you to check it out: http://squashpei.org.
  • John Power is back in a big way and we appreciate his experience and talents as a coach for all levels.  John will join Derek, Andy, and BJ who have done a fantastic job working with our Juniors.
  • The league will have 2 sessions before Christmas and we would love you (no matter your skill level) to try it.
  • Squash PEI will be using new software (SportyHQ) that simplifies the registration process and tournament process.  It integrates with fellow Atlantic Provinces and makes everything from programming, to rankings, to tournaments so much easier.
  • The first fun tournament, aptly called The Rust Remover, will be free if you have paid your registration, or, if you like, is $30 and includes your SquashPEI membership.  The tournament runs Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th of October.  It’s a fun event with newbie divisions for adults and kids.  Give it a whirl.  I promise you, you will love it!  Includes fun prizes and snacks and the inevitable squash butt!

  • Also, it’s back - the coveted Geezer Goblet has been discovered cowering in Lester’s closet. While I (Lester) will no longer be eligible to challenge for it as it’s for the 55 and over champ (and I’m way too young), it begs the question…does Gordie still have it, or is the dark horse Hamil going to steal it away…?

 See you court side.


Lester (Squash PEI President)

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