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NEW Super League

Hello Fellow Squash Players,


In order to assist this year’s men’s team in travels to the Canadian Team Championships (no women’s team this year) early 2019 in Montreal I have come with a fun, yet very competitive way for our top players to earn our support and get meaningful match practice.


I have created “An Island Super League” which will run for the next 7 weeks featuring our top 4 ranked players along with a chosen team mate from our large inventory of A players. They will play for us every Tuesday evening between 7:30 and 9:30. The final teams will soon be announced but we do have the team names and the captains. Rumour has it that the #2s may consist of Lester Jinks, Matt Twitty, Dakota Cameron and possibly Darren Chaisson out of retirement.


The team names will represent all the Island and their #1s:


1.       O’Leary – Mike Buchanan

2.       Souris – Mitch Chaisson

3.       Cornwall- Nathan Phillips

4.       Stratford – Liam Jinks


The schedule is a double round robin with a final night scheduled for December 4th featuring all four teams. The goal is to raise a $1000, but will be distributed relative to the final placings. Each night will be exciting as points are given on a weighted basis: the #1’s will score a point for each game won plus 2 points for the match win, whereas the #2s get a point only for each game won and the team totals will be added each week.


I invite you to come out and watch the Island’s top players, cheer for your favourite team, and don’t forget to see me at anytime if you wish to make a contribution to this fun and worthwhile cause.





John Power

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