PEI Super League
Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 8:38PM



The final week of the double round robin play confirmed the present standings and placed the Mike Buchanan and Liam Jinks teams into the finals next Tuesday at 7:30 PM.

Unfortunately, the high anticipated rematch of Mitch Chaissonand league’s top player Mike Buchanan was not to be. Mitch was too ill this week to make an appearance resulting in Souris #2 Ken Sampson taking on the daunting task of upsetting the very consistent Buchanan. Called into action was the fast improving junior player, Thomas Cheeseman to play backup man for the Souris team. He started well in each of the first two games but couldn’t quite match the fitness, speed and variety of shots of Lyndon Oulton displayed at the end of each game. Two three – love matches on court 4 and quickly into late evening practice 3’s.

Pic of Lyndon the speed demon, the man without a face (Ken), and The mighty Mike.

Meanwhile on court 3 it was a totally different affair. The very tough father/son duo of Lester and Liam Jinks were up against the undefeated Dr. Matt Twiddy and the very talented Nathan Phillips. Well, as the second match next door was concluding we still didn’t know who would garner the three points at #2 for their team. It was an extremely well played 5 gamer, and 10 minutes into the fifth one couldn’t predict a winner. It went extra points with each player looking at match ball, but Lester didn’t need more than a second chance to claim his first win over Matt. 3-2 Stratford when the two youngest players on the rosters took the court.

Nathan came out looking very sharp not only in his new electric purple “Paul Coll” Eye shoes, but he was demonstrating good tight length coupled with his always very exciting short game. But it wasn’t to be: Liam fresh off a runner-up placing at the NS Junior Open and playing with tons of confidence was not shakenby Nate’s excellent play. Each game was dead even for the first half and then the 16 year old seemed to find another gear in every game except the third when just couldn’t find a way break Nathan’s excellent attacking game. Yes, almost an hour after the O’Leary win the Stratford #1 walked off with his 5 points 11-6, 11-7, 7-11, 11-6.

Nate the great (AKA wolverineman), Liam full of Love.

All teams will be in action next Tuesday evening to claim their share of the cash prizes. But the O’Leary/Stratford confrontationon court 3 at the Spa for the very first Super League Championship will be a treat. See you there.


(Training Ground for PEI Men’s Team)



CORNWALL: Nathan Phillips, Matt Twiddy


O’LEARY :  Mike Buchanan, Lyndon Oulton


SOURIS Mitchell Chaisson, Ken Sampson


STRATFORD:  Liam Jinks, Lester Jinks



Oct. 23    O’Leary vs Stratford (3-8)    Souris vs Cornwall (5-5)


Oct. 30    O’Leary vs Cornwall (6-4). Souris vs Stratford (4-8)


Nov. 06    O’Leary vs Souris (8-2)…   Cornwall vs Stratford (3-5)


Nov 13    Stratford vs O’Leary (3-5).Cornwall vs Souris (3-6)


Nov. 20    Cornwall vs O’Leary (3-5)    Stratford vs Souris (8-2)


Nov. 27    Souris vs O’Leary   (0-8)      Stratford vs Cornwall (8-3) 


Dec. 04    Finals Night   1 vs 2…..3 vs 4





(effective November 28)





O’LEARY           35

SOURIS       22


CORNWALL      21












2 .LiamJinks5/151/8






5. LESTER JINKS (#2)5/161/9


6. MATT TWIDDY (#2)3/131/6


7.KEN SAMPSON (#2) (1 match @ #1)1/104/12


8.LYNDON OULTON (#2)2/83/10



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