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Super League Week 2


After two rounds of play the Stratford team of Liam and Lester Jinks remain in first place and undefeated in the Island Superleague. This week on court #4 they met the Souris team of Mitchell Chaisson and Ken Sampson. As per league protocol the teams #2 lead things off. Father Jinks squeezed the first game out versus Ken in extra points and kept rolling in the second. But the import from Rustico wasn’t about to lay down and came storming back and captured the next two games. Almost an hour later we were now into the fifth, and it was anyone’s game as the score went back and forth right up until 12 all, it certainly was anyone’s match. And on this occasion it was Stratford’s Jinks' who got it done. 3-2 Stratford.

The #1’s took the court. Of the top echelon it was the oldest versus the youngest and the question of whether Liam could live up to his fantastic performance of the week before.  Mitch was taking the ball early, volleying whenever possible and had Jinks very much on the defensive much of the time. But after four tough games they were all equal and like the preceding matchthey went five.  This time it looked like a sure thing for Souris as Mitch went up 8-3 and 10-6, but it was just not to be. Liam found a way, he saved 5 match balls and walked off still undefeated at the number one position, and added 5 more points to the Stratford total.

While the Souris/Stratford drama was happening on the court next door O’Leary and Cornwall were fighting it out. Matt Twiddy who was playing his first match in the league was just too steady for O’Leary’s Lyndon Oulton. Matt dropped the first game but came storming back to win convincingly 3-1. Mike Buchanan is not accustomed losing, but the younger generation of players are certainly making it difficult for him to keep up his domination. Tuesday evening it was Nathan trying to duplicate Liam Jinks upset from last week. Indeed he was close to forcing the match into the fifth but Mike held on to win the fourth 13-11 and the match for O’Leary





O’LEARY -         9

SOURIS -           9

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