"Squash Cancer"
Monday, December 3, 2018 at 10:44AM

The community that surrounds Squash PEI, UPEI, and CeeJay Amadi is a special one.
“Squash Cancer” was a lot of fun and raised $712.00 for the Canadian Cancer Society. Thank you to all who participated, came out to support the players, and bought tickets to the gift baskets. (Check your tickets, 2478981 is still out there)

On a personal note, I was a little nervous that we were missing Ken Sampson (who is still working to get power on to all Islanders) and using the new software system for officiating.
Everything went beautifully without a hiccup and participants were in great spirits win or lose.
Thank you for that J

Everyone’s squash game was on! But we would like to recognize our division winners:

D Division – Charlie Peacock
D Division Consol – Ajit Balasundram

C Division – Michael Cheeseman
C Division Consol – Wade Sweet

B Division – Ceejay Amadi
B Division Consol – Paul Jenkins

A Division – Liam Jinks
A Division Consol – Matt Twiddy

What a great weekend! Thank you to UPEI for allowing us to use your courts all weekend, Dawn Shea for her photography skills and making people get into pictures even though we complain J and bringing us snacks, Squash PEI (Lester Jinks, Ken Sampson, Susie Fraser, Thomas Walker, Zach Stephens, Chris MacIntyre) for volunteering your time in making sure the tournament ran smoothly, and a big thank you to CeeJay Amadi with the big heart and this team for gathering us all together for this special tournament. We look forward to working with you again in the future!





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