National Teams event in Windsor Wrap-up
Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 5:34PM

We are soo Proud of the PEI Mens' and Womens' Teams. In their last encounters both PEI Teams played against the Nova Scotia Teams. The PEI Womens team lost 3-1 to the NS Womens team. On the Men's side... I'll set the stage. Mike Buchanan (PEI) played Matt Bishop and, after a battle, Lost (sad emoji here!) Connor Jinks played 'the young up and comer' and won (happy emoji here!). So, the fate lay in Liam Jinks' hands! Playing a very strong James Wiseman whom had beaten him in their previous encounter in 4. Well, I didn't witness the match (and wish I had), but it must have been quite a performance!! Liam winning in 5.

So, Nova Scotia, our friendly sister province, let's call it a draw!

Next time we want a New Brunswick Team and a Newfoundland team there too!

I'm guessing this is after the match. The personification of happiness and relief!


Recognise this person:

Only the greatest squash player of all time: Jahanger Kahn with Emma Jinks and Tara Tischio.

Congrats to all. See you all soon.

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