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Squash PEI Team Tryouts - 2011 Nationals

The following post identifies the procedure that will be followed to select the Men's and Women's Teams who will represent PEI at the Team National Events in 2011.  This procedure was ratified at a recent meeting of the Squash PEI Executive. 

Mike Buchanan and Mary Andrews have agreed to act as Team Captains and have already begun communicating with appropriate players within their respective divisions.

Both events will take place from January 7-9th, 2011.  The men's event will be held in Moncton, while the women's event will be held in Calgary. Squash PEI will be pleased to pay the team registration for each team but athletes will be responsible for all other expenses including travel, accommodation, food, incidentals, etc.

The procedure used for team member selection will be as follows:

  1. Players will be invited to try out for the teams starting with the first ranked player and proceeding down the list until 6 players who are interested in competing at the event agree to compete for the 3 available spots. (For current rankings, please see the left side panel of
  2. Final team selection will be based on the results of a round robin playoff between these six players, which is reasonable and acceptable to the players involved. We recommend 3 playoffs, one per month, starting in October and finishing as early as possible in December prior to the deadline for the team submission to Squash Canada.

Eligibility criteria for try out players are:

1) players must be full time residents of Prince Edward Island for a minimum of 90 days immediately prior to the event (Squash Canada rule)

2) players must be Men's A or Women's A level for the men's and women's team respectively.

3) players must be members of Squash PEI prior to the try outs.

We appreciate your participation and wish good luck to all eligible players!!!


Diva Tournament a must see!!

At this Diva event we welcome a good many newbie's to the wonderful game of squash. After this weekend you (newbies) will all have a much clearer concept of what "squash-butt" means! Welcome.

As well, we have a star studded Womens A draw. If you are interested in seeing some high calibre games, come-on over to watch the semi's and the finals. You will be entertained and amazed at the level of play. The matches will conclude on be there and enjoy the matches.

I would also like to welcome our off-Island players- welcome. We trust that you will have a great time.

Check the draw here:




Mens National Teams' Event - PEI Team selection

Men's Teams Events will take place from January 7-9th, 2011 and will be held in Moncton. I, Mike Buchanon, as Team Captain would like to get the team confirmed. We would like to be represented by the 3 strongest players in Mens A . If you feel you would be a candidate and meet the criteria below, please send me an email before 23 October 2010. My email address is
1) players must be full time residents of Prince Edward Island for a minimum of 90 days immediately prior to the event (squash Canada rule)
2) players must be Men's A
3) players must be members of squash PEI prior to the try outs.
Thank you for your interest.
Mike Buchanon

Diva Registration - Registration Closed

Registration for the Diva Tournament has now closed - it looks like it's going to be a fantastic tournament!

Have a look at the draw here:


Fall Fiesta Photos

The Fall Fiesta Photo Album is now available in the Photo Galleries Section in the Right Side Panel - What a great looking bunch!! (Except for that guy in the funny looking hat! :)