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Special Membership Available at The Spa

Good afternoon all,

We are very pleased to announce a couple of exciting new developments
at Squash PEI.

Last week, Cam Beck and I met with Blair Hansen of the Spa to discuss
the upcoming squash season.  Blair is very interested in increasing
squash membership and court utilization at the Spa this season.  In an
effort to increase activity at the Spa this year, Squash PEI and The
Spa have come to the following understanding:

  1. Squash PEI will be responsible for all squash programming and
    tournament operations at the Spa for the 2010-2011 squash season.
    This will enable us to offer more specific programming targeted toward
    our membership needs.  It will also allow us to provide great access
    to courts and trainers for our Canada Games team, who are currently
    training for the upcoming 2011 Canada Winter Games in Halifax.  It
    will also help maximize court utilization at the Spa.
  2. The Spa will offer a Special Membership to all Squash PEI members,
    which will offer Spa memberships with savings of up to $ 180.00 for
    members of Squash PEI.  We have enclosed details of the Special
    Membership in the attached PDF document.  If you have any questions on
    the membership. please contact the Spa or a member of the Squash PEI
  •  Our new website is now fully functional.  We are very pleased to
    inform you that content is being continuously loaded onto our new
    website at
  • We are looking forward to an exciting year in squash this season.
    Kelly MacWilliams is leading a new tournament committee and is
    actively recruiting volunteers.  If you have a few minutes to spare
    during the year, please get in touch with Kelly - she would love to
    have your help!
  • Our Canada Games team is hard at work training for the upcoming Canada
    Games in Halifax.  Many of you are already involved in supporting our
    team as mentors and trainers - thank you for your assistance.

We are truly looking forward to our best year ever - lots of league
and tournament play, and as always - lots of social get togethers!
Please note that our first tournament (at the end of September), will
be a big event with great prizes and plenty of fanfare! We will keep
you posted.

Our thanks go out to Blair Hansen at the Spa for his support of Squash
PEI and our members. Special thanks to Cam Beck who was a key personal
to help broker the deal. Thanks Cam.

If you have any questions regarding these announcements, please feel
free to give me a call or reply to this post.



Lester Jinks
President,  Squash PEI


Guys Dominate in 2010 Softball Challenge!

Well - the 2010 Softball Challenge is over, and it was quite a battle. 

However, as expected, the guys team was the winner, with Ryan "PigPen" Knockwood and Allan "Slugger" Hughes leading the way.  See the Discussion Forum for more comments!

Cam Beck


Welcome to the New Squash PEI Website

Welcome to the New Squash PEI Website!

We are pleased to present the new look, just in time for the upcoming 2010-2011 squash season.  In the past, we found it challenging to keep our website updated regularly, and as a result, it was not generating the traffic  and interest that it could have - well no more!

We have multiple "site editors", all of whom will be adding content regularly.  Please check back often to make sure you have "the latest information".   We will be adding more graphics and more content as we go through the summer.

Have a look around the site.  Be sure to check out the Discussion Forums, Calendar of Events, and the Photo Galleries - we would welcome your comments on content and format. 

Also, please check your e-mail address on the Member E-mail Database on the left.  Let us know if you would like anything changed.

 See you on the courts!


Gordie gets Award!

A very proud moment, at the end of the AGM in Banff, was accepting an award on Gordon Lawlor’s behalf.  Gordon was recognized by squash Canada for his contribution to squash and was given a "Certificate of Achievement". 

“Gordie has been involved in the promotion and development of the game from the very beginning of our squash association.  He has been a coach, a mentor, a program coordinator, developer, and always, a great promoter of the sport.  He was also the premier player on PEI for over two decades and has represented PEI in regional and national events. He was recently awarded the ‘Player of the Decade’ award by Squash PEI - who could be more deserving?!”

Well done Gordie. you deserve it old buddy.


Portable Squash Court

Have a look at this video - maybe Squash PEI should order a few of these - we can play wherever we like!