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National Teams event in Windsor Wrap-up

We are soo Proud of the PEI Mens' and Womens' Teams. In their last encounters both PEI Teams played against the Nova Scotia Teams. The PEI Womens team lost 3-1 to the NS Womens team. On the Men's side... I'll set the stage. Mike Buchanan (PEI) played Matt Bishop and, after a battle, Lost (sad emoji here!) Connor Jinks played 'the young up and comer' and won (happy emoji here!). So, the fate lay in Liam Jinks' hands! Playing a very strong James Wiseman whom had beaten him in their previous encounter in 4. Well, I didn't witness the match (and wish I had), but it must have been quite a performance!! Liam winning in 5.

So, Nova Scotia, our friendly sister province, let's call it a draw!

Next time we want a New Brunswick Team and a Newfoundland team there too!

I'm guessing this is after the match. The personification of happiness and relief!


Recognise this person:

Only the greatest squash player of all time: Jahanger Kahn with Emma Jinks and Tara Tischio.

Congrats to all. See you all soon.



PEI's Men's and women's Teams have performed supurbly in Windsor. Listen, its tuff! They are up against the best in the country. Most of the top players are professional athletes. For instance, Mike Buchanan played against Shawn De Lierre Canada # 1. Well, he lost in 3, but the scores were 9,7, 8! Wow Mike, you continue to inspire! Connor Jinks too, went 8,8,9 against the Quebec Pro., David Baillargeon. Liam Jinks put up an amazing fight against another pro: Jason De Lierre, going down 7,6,6. The matches are available to watch and there is live streaming.

These matches can be viewed by clicking HERE 



Maple Leafs Win League #3

Please sign up ASAP if you want to participate in league #4


League #3 Finals

Wednesday February 14th at 6:30

Maple Leafs  VS  Red Wings

The courts will be available for friendly play during the normal league time.  

We will have some pizza court-side for just after the match.

 Don't forget to sign up for League #4


PEI Open Success!

The PEI OPEN concluded today. Yes, Amazing Mike Buchanan did it again! Taking the top spot in the men's A division!!

Congrats Mike and well played Graham.



















Other Notable results: The Peacock twins, both wearing blue, both the quiet unasuming types.... till they beat you on the court! Both placed second in their divisions: Mens C for Danny with the beard and Junior Silver for Charlie!

Maria Cheeseman, who played in 2 divisions and was undefeated the entire tournament! I believe she played 8 matches. She won the Junior silver event and Womens D. You go girl.

If you look carefully, you can see Liam jinks who won the Mens A cons division.

Thank you to All for taking part. It was an awesome weekend, lots of squash, great company and excellent food. Can life get any better?

This is a story of the three little bears....