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NEW Super League

Hello Fellow Squash Players,


In order to assist this year’s men’s team in travels to the Canadian Team Championships (no women’s team this year) early 2019 in Montreal I have come with a fun, yet very competitive way for our top players to earn our support and get meaningful match practice.


I have created “An Island Super League” which will run for the next 7 weeks featuring our top 4 ranked players along with a chosen team mate from our large inventory of A players. They will play for us every Tuesday evening between 7:30 and 9:30. The final teams will soon be announced but we do have the team names and the captains. Rumour has it that the #2s may consist of Lester Jinks, Matt Twitty, Dakota Cameron and possibly Darren Chaisson out of retirement.


The team names will represent all the Island and their #1s:


1.       O’Leary – Mike Buchanan

2.       Souris – Mitch Chaisson

3.       Cornwall- Nathan Phillips

4.       Stratford – Liam Jinks


The schedule is a double round robin with a final night scheduled for December 4th featuring all four teams. The goal is to raise a $1000, but will be distributed relative to the final placings. Each night will be exciting as points are given on a weighted basis: the #1’s will score a point for each game won plus 2 points for the match win, whereas the #2s get a point only for each game won and the team totals will be added each week.


I invite you to come out and watch the Island’s top players, cheer for your favourite team, and don’t forget to see me at anytime if you wish to make a contribution to this fun and worthwhile cause.





John Power


Finals of Aspin Kemp and Associates PSA event


 It was a battle!  Mostafa Asal the young 17 year old world junior champion got off to a very shaky start going down quickly in the first 11-3. After that it was fast, furious, tough squash with a great deal of contact. Referee Chris Mills was put to the task, but he was very judicious about players clearing the ball and making every effort to play it.

The following three games went the distance, the second of which was delayed for about 15 min. after a collision at the front of the court in which Asal suffered a slight injury to his ankle. He returned to win that game, but just could match Vikram's touch, movement and consistency in the fourth. 
The packed house was on their feet in appreciation.
Pic 1 Vikram Molhatra, first Winner of the Aspin Kemp and Assoc. Aspin cup receiving winner's cheque company owner and president, Jason Aspin
Pic 2 Great crowd watching finals.
Pic 3 Our winner Vikram Molhatra controlling the T against finalist Mosafa Asal.




semi finals PSA Squash

Semi Final Report

Giant killer Cam Seth's run has come to an end but not without pushing Egyptian Mostafa Asal for three tough games and almost 45 minutes.. His strategy was to try to contain the faster and more creative Asal, and it worked during the first half of each of the first two games. But again the World Junior Champ showed why he doesn't lose too much playing error free squash at the end of each game. By the third game Seth had run out of ideas, but certainly was able to count  the  large number of ranking points that he will gain.
The second match on the evening's card featured two very experienced players, Vikram Molhotra and Afredo Avila. Certainly the knew each other's game as just one week ago they did battle in London, Ontario with Alfredo coming back in the fifth. But it was not to be. He fought hard to come back and win the third 12-10 but that was it. Vikram  just seemed to want it more. And as Alfredo explained after the match he was just warn out  During his off season he played too much squash by representing Mexico in individual and team play on two occasions and then back to back PSA events. Mentally he needed a break.
Mostafa Asal d. Cameron Seth   11-9, 11-7, 11-7  45 min.
Vikram Molhotra d. Alfredo Avila  11-5, 11-7, 10-12, 11-3  50 min.



Aspin Cup Report



Report on the Quarterfinals:

It must have been a great summer's training for Cameron Seth as the PSA world #178 has definitely created a stir by defeating his second opponent ranked considerably higher.

His game of tight, consistent, patient play, along with winning backhand drops in the front of the court was a game that was just too much on the day for Danish star Kristian  Frost.
The most entertaining match was junior phenom Mostafa Asal overcoming the creative and aggressive style of Finn Henrik Mustonen. Without question this was great fun for the small but packed house on the #1 court of UPEI, as both players utilized all four corners from anywhere on the court with such an array of shots never seen before in this small province. Asal won the key points at the end of each game and after 43 minutes of great squash he walked off the victor.
Vikram Maholtra, the Trinity College graduate from India has one thing on his mind, win the Aspin Kemp and Assoc. Open. He met some early resistance from Swiss Reiko Peter as they split the first two games, but then Vikram's committment to get every ball and not make errors was too much for Reiko losing the final two games at 5 and 7.
Some of the most intense squash was saved for last. Second seed Alfredo Avila having beaten Mike McCue 3-0 the week before seemed to have the match under control after winning two games in just over 30 minutes and was leading in the third. But McCue dug in and came back to win it 11-9. A back and forth 4th game had the spectators on the edge of their seats hoping that their fellow Canadian would push it to the 5th game. With two game balls it did indeed it did look that way. But our speedy Mexican just didn't let it happen and after an hour of play and a 14-12 score he could now think ahead to the semi-finals.
Cameron Seth d. Kristian Frost 9-11, 11-1, 12-10, 11-3 (56 min)
Mostafa Asal d Henrik Mustonen 11-9, 11-9, 11-8 (43 min)
Vikram Moholtra d Reiko Peter 11-9, 9-11, 11-5, 11-7 (47 min)
Alfredo Avila d Mike McCue 11-8, 11-9, 9-11, 14-12 (60 min)




Aspin Cup (Amateur) Draw

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