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Squash PEI 2018 NEW Season

Hi There Fellow squashers. The new season is almost upon us. There are AMAZING things happening in the wonderful world of squash ON PEI:

1. We have an incredible 11K PSA Pro tournament taking place this Month! Check out the Draw and playing times: ASPIN CUP PRO TOURNAMENT 

2. OUR First tournament will start on the 28th september. It is the Aspin cup event amateur event.

things to know:  You can catch the last rounds in the Pro event AND Play inthe aspin cup

Register by clicking here: Aspin cup Amateur event

The aspin cup amateur event is Free, but you have to be registered with Squash PEI. For non-PEI players 'join' squash pei, and the cost is 30 dollars. (you will still have to join your own provincial squash association.)

3. We are using CLUB LOCKER This replaces 'Sporty HQ'. The reason is that Squash Canada wants us all to be using the same software which facilitates rankings and registration. You will have to get a new log-in and password. 

4. You Can sign up for League and Lessons etc on Club Locker. Bear with us as there will probably be a learning curve. So , we ask for your patience.





what's Happening 2019

Dear Fellow Squash players

The Squash PEI executive and myself would like to share the exciting news. We are hosting the largest professional squash tournament to ever hit the Island. That is right, we will be hosting a 11K PSA Men’s Challenger event September 25-29 at UPEI. The event is called the Aspin Kemp and Associates Open and it will be with us in some professional form (men, women or both) for at least the next three years.

 Canadian Champ, Andrew Schnell in Action.

We are also running our amateur annual Aspin cup tourney on the weekend 29-30 September. Why not come on over and watch some great squash and kick start the season by competing in this fun event.


The PSA draw is now complete and can be seen at this link: 

There are some very interesting facts about the 24 entries:

• Players represent 15 different nations
• Three of top four Canadians, including current national champion Andrew Schnell (Calgary) will be participating
• The number three seed is Mostafa Assal of Egypt, the current world junior champion and still undefeated in professional play!
• Number 1 seed is Charles Sharpe of England, world ranked #68.
• We are please to have Nova Scotian Doug Kosciukiewicz, who recently turned pro, included in the draw.
• The lone non PSA player and special invitee is the best Island player ever, Mike Buchanan. He is currently undergoing training to make a great showing.


The top eight seeds will receive byes and the remaining 16 players get underway Tuesday, September 25, Wednesday evening is the 2nd round and quarter finals Thursday 5-9pm. All of these matches are free on a first come basis. Semi-finals (Friday 7 and 8pm) will require tickets as will the final at 5pm Saturday. One of the ways to ensure two seats for the matches on Friday and Saturday is to become an ancillary sponsor (yes, we still need more funds to make this tournament a real success). This is possible in the name of a company, an individual or as unnamed gift. Squash PEI is accepting $200 sponsorships (tax receipts offered) and in return you will be offered your two seats, a luncheon with the players plus if you wish company advertising in the tournament program. If interestedin sponsoring contact john

 Our annual Aspin Cup (amateur event) will be conducted around the end of the professional schedule with lot’s of ‘get the season going’ matches on Saturday and Sunday. If you play the entry fee is only $35. If by chance there are any seats left they will go for $20 each for the semifinals and $20 for the finals.

So, please enjoy the rest of your summer and be ready for some amazing squash and if you're in the amateur event, the inevitable squash butt. The link to the amateur tournament will be posted on the squash PEI website in a day or 2.


League #4 Finals

League Finals April 4th at 6:00 PM Canadiens VS Blackhawks Stop by and see some of the PSA tournament qualifying matches being played on court 4.


National Teams event in Windsor Wrap-up

We are soo Proud of the PEI Mens' and Womens' Teams. In their last encounters both PEI Teams played against the Nova Scotia Teams. The PEI Womens team lost 3-1 to the NS Womens team. On the Men's side... I'll set the stage. Mike Buchanan (PEI) played Matt Bishop and, after a battle, Lost (sad emoji here!) Connor Jinks played 'the young up and comer' and won (happy emoji here!). So, the fate lay in Liam Jinks' hands! Playing a very strong James Wiseman whom had beaten him in their previous encounter in 4. Well, I didn't witness the match (and wish I had), but it must have been quite a performance!! Liam winning in 5.

So, Nova Scotia, our friendly sister province, let's call it a draw!

Next time we want a New Brunswick Team and a Newfoundland team there too!

I'm guessing this is after the match. The personification of happiness and relief!


Recognise this person:

Only the greatest squash player of all time: Jahanger Kahn with Emma Jinks and Tara Tischio.

Congrats to all. See you all soon.



PEI's Men's and women's Teams have performed supurbly in Windsor. Listen, its tuff! They are up against the best in the country. Most of the top players are professional athletes. For instance, Mike Buchanan played against Shawn De Lierre Canada # 1. Well, he lost in 3, but the scores were 9,7, 8! Wow Mike, you continue to inspire! Connor Jinks too, went 8,8,9 against the Quebec Pro., David Baillargeon. Liam Jinks put up an amazing fight against another pro: Jason De Lierre, going down 7,6,6. The matches are available to watch and there is live streaming.

These matches can be viewed by clicking HERE