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With one week remaining and a number of make up matches on the charts it will take some doing for the Red Wings and Rangers to make up ground on our two leaders.  Again last evening the two leading teams put in very consistent performances. The second place Bruins who were coincidently matched up with the Wings. They rested only two points behind at the beginning of the evening. After 8 results were recorded they are now chasing by a more daunting 16 points. It was a tremendously consistent performance by the Bruins with every player except #1 Matt Twiddy (holiday) winning at least one game and six of the eight players garnering the full amount.

That was the excitment in respect to the standings. The Canadiens with four wins of six matches look to be assured the top spot and will be next to impossible to catch. But it was the dual between the two last placed teams that left everyone shaking their heads. Four of the seven matches went the full distance and extraordinaily enough three of those four went overtime in the fifth. Zach Stevens just kept hanging in against the favoured Benoit Sampson, saved two match balls and pulled it out 13-11 for the Black Hawks. Dan Larter gritted his teeth and just overpowered Solange Sharkie to claim victory by an identical score line win. Newcomer Nick Farquharson claimed his first league victory, 12-10 in the fifth over Dylan Power. The final five gamer between the Leafs and Black Hawks certainly took the longest. This back and forth affair saw the younger (and maybe a touch fitter) Derek Gallant eek by the more experienced Bruce Johnson at the #3 spot.

It was a great week four. The last week of season is next Wednesday with finals and party the following week. Be sure to confirm your sign-up for Fall Session #2 starting November 8th.


SPA Squash programing to start Monday 16 October . Juniors take note!


Hello everyone,

Don't forget that all our group coaching programs will be in full operation this week. There should be something for everyone so come out and participate.
Note: Courts are available for regular booking. The 'programing' will take place on 2 courts the other 2 courts are for regular court bookings at the spa 902 566 1400
Private lessons are available from coach John Power  902 367-9572.

For the Junior program:
Space may be limited, so register early.  You can REGISTER BY CLICKING HERE
There are three levels Junior-starter, Intermediate and advanced. You may be shifted to a group that better suites your level.

Monday - Junior Beginner 440-6 pm

Tuesday- Junior Intermediate 440-6 and Advanced 6-720. 
(Wednesday is league 530 to close)

Thursday -Junior Intermediate 440-6 and Advanced 6-720.


For ADULT Players:

Monday: is ladies drop in. All levels are encouraged to show up for match play and a lot of fun. Contact Jo Spencer for any questions (902 940 5771). (non spa members pay $5.00 entrance fee to the spa)

Tuesdays: Improve Your Squash (A/B) - 7:20-8:40pm drills and match play with JP. Coaching fee of $5.00 applies and non spa members pay $5.00 admission to the spa.

Wednesday: House league (sign up for the next session click HERE  starts 15th November)

Thursdays:  Improve Your Squash C/D - 7:20-8:40 pm drills and match play with Coach Mitch. Coaching fee of $5.00 applies and non spa members pay $5.00 admission to the spa.

Fridays: Open for bookings and a great way to start a weekend.





Wow, if this is an indication of whats to come....It's going to be a fantastic season! Thank you so much to everyone who played. I know its early in the season and (if youre anything like me,) your 'a hurting' right now, but consider yourself officially 'de-rusted'. Yup, with squash butt nicely established, you should feel proud at having completed half of the president's challenge. It was great to see so many players and supporters pop by to share the excitement the squash community offers. We had players from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia too. We appreciate you coming over and enjoying the squash with us.

I must tell you, we had a great group of new players who triumphed by going on court, shaking off those nerves and playing amazing squash. Lots of new Juniors made their debut. I always hear the same sentiments from parents, 'I had no idea how well they can play!'.Thank you all for puting it on the line. Congrats Maria Cheeseman winning the newbie junior girls division.

Andrew Avery, our tournament chair, will be sharing the official placements later. Thank you Andrew for running an amazing tournament and being so superbly organized.  Couldn't do it without you buddy. I also want to say thank you to Campbell Webster, who played in men's C and generously donated prizes for the tournament. Appreciated thanks Campbell!

Of note, our own Nate (the great) Phillips who, 2 years ago was slap bang in the middle of B, won the Mens A draw in fine style. This is his first Win in A this season and he did it by not dropping a single game. With serious rivals, that takes some doing! 

Pic of Nate (the great) Phillips on his way to victory. Could that ball be any closer to the middle of his racquet?!

The Pic below is of Zach Stephens (playing John Power) in Men's B. Zach must have been very tired as it took both arms to hold his racquet up! He is being watched by his loyal fans who also happen to be his 2 kids. Zach won men's B. Of note, 65 plus year old John (awesome) Power (the oldest player in the tourney), played 5 matches in 2 days! Now there is a man of steel! You go man!!!

The Next Island Tournament is the much anticipated ASPIN CUP. This tournament is one of the oldest on PEI and is named after the Granfather of Island squash, John Aspin. Sadly, John passed away earlier this year. We are so pleased to have this tournament in his honour. It takes place 17 to 19th November and will be a wonderful event! See you all there!


lester jinks

Well true to form Andrew Avery just submitted this:


The following is a conversation I had with myself earlier tonight! 
ANDREW: I'm way too tired to do a full tournament recap FB rant like I traditionally did during my first run at this gig from 2014-2016. I'm not doing it! 
OTHER ANDREW: Whoa whoa whoa...... you told Lester you would, you had a few people at Hil's last night asking if you would and you said yes. Now do it! 
ANDREW: It was a long weekend, I'm not doing it! 
OTHER ANDREW: Oh yes you are! 
ANDREW: Wanna bet? 
OTHER ANDREW: Do it already! 
ANDREW: It was a basic friendly tournament. I can't think of anything massive that happened this weekend that would even give me the slightest interest in doing this! 
OTHER ANDREW: Have you forgotten that Lester Jinks defeated Lyndon Oulton, not once, but twice this weekend? 
ANDREW: ON IT!!!!!! 


This incredible 4 person round robin format featured Maria Cheeseman in her first of two divisions this tournament, Gabrielle Fahmy participating from the Moncton Squash Club, the Red Rocket Jo Spencer, and all the way from the Smith Road, Julie Elizabeth Gaudet! You might be thinking, where's the Smith Road? If you've never lived west of Summerside in your lifetime, think of O'Leary, but instead of all the potatoes, they have herring nets! Seriously......... they're everywhere! If they had an antique shop on Smith Rd, they'd be advertising them as lawn ornaments! But moving on............. it was a back and forth battle between these ladies. At 11:00am on Saturday morning, Spencer and Gaudet met in their round match. Spencer had the opportunity to clinch, where a victory by Gaudet would leave the door open for herself and Cheeseman to come out on top. Spencer would comfortably take the first game 11-6, as well as the second in a back and forth 13-11. Gaudet wouldn't go down fighting taking the 3rd 11-4, and after a nail biting 4th, Spencer would come out on top 15-13 to take the Women's D crown. 

1ST - Jo Spencer 
2ND - Julie Gaudet 
3RD - Maria Cheeseman 

This division had six participants, four of them visiting us from Squash Moncton. We saw some exciting, close matches and it was anyone's tournament to win! The 3rd place match actually featured an all PEI match between Lorraine Macdonald and Christina MacLean where MacDonald, the living legend from Summerside, came out on top. The veteran still has plenty of game left and does it at a high level! In the all NB final, Nay Saade came out on top of Carole Richard in 3 games to take the 2017 Rust Remover women's crown! 

1ST - Nay Saade 
2ND - Carole Richard 
3RD - Lorraine Macdonald 

Six junior athletes completed this division and many of them competing in a tournament for the very first time. President Lester Jinks put alot of work into recruiting a competitive division of new athletes and every one of them had a great experience participating. The Championship match had an all Cheeseman final, with Maria coming out on top over brother Tobias. 

1ST - Maria Cheeseman 
2ND - Tobias Cheeseman 
3RD - Makena Cudmore 

This became a very entertaining division at the end of it. And for anyone who doesn't believe me, didn't see the Men's D Final on Saturday afternoon. Cory Annand vs Blake Bernard travelling down together from the west end of the province on Saturday morning provided us an entertaining, but in skill and laughter. Don't recall a Championship match before where both athletes gave spectators so many jokes and mid-match chirps back and forth. With scores of 17-15, 11-8, 11-13, 11-6, it would be Annand coming out on top with bragging right for the drive home! 

1ST - Cory Annand 
2ND - Blake Bernard 
3RD - Dylan Power 

And Bingo was his name-O! More on that later! A close and competitive C Division with a number of players with a background in the sport participating in their first Squash PEI event. The final would have Kurt Bandy vs Danny Peacock, with Bandy coming out on top in 3 close and competitive games. At the post-tournament award presentation Saturday night at Hil's Sports Bar at the SPA, Bandy was introduced as the C Champion, with a full Moncton table chanting "Bingo" as he walked to the front to receive his prize. As he was mere inches away from obtaining his well earned prize, I decided to pull the "jerk card" and hold back on the prize presentation until Team PEI learned where this nickname came from. Turns out, this young man is quite the Bingo fanatic! Kurt we hope you find your way back to the Island in the near future. Especially Mill River. We're always looking for new ideas during the social activities. Hmmmmmmmmm.......... 

1ST - Kurt Bandy 
2ND - Danny Peacock 
3RD - Luke MacKinnon 
CONSOLATION - Jack Digout 

This was anyone's tournament. Ranked, unranked, newcomers, everyone was in the running. Zach Stephens has been training hard for the last while leading up to the tournament with a goal of trying to get to Men's A by seasons end. He's halfway there after this weekend with three big victories on Saturday. He started off the morning with a victory over Nick Campbell, at 12:30pm he had a close 5 game war with another Islander that will be in contention all season long, Logan Anderson, followed by a victory over Patrick Tardif to cap off his weekend! 

1ST - Zach Stephens 
2ND - Patrick Tardif 
3RD - Logan Anderson 
CONSOLATION - Nick Campbell  

It's going to be a tough year in the top division. We had a number of close matches, some tough battles, and even the veteran Lester Jinks winning the consolation with an impressive 4-1 record on the weekend, including as mentioned earlier, not one, but two victories over Lyndon Oulton. The first in the main draw on Friday evening, and the second in the Consolation Final on Saturday night, a very close and entertaining five game battle. In the Championship, Nathan Phillips wanted to prove that his 2016-2017 Male Athlete of the Year win was no fluke, and he made a serious statement on Saturday. He mentioned at the start of the year he wanted to be in a position for one of the top players in Atlantic Canada this year. He might be there. It was a great performance start to finish as the top ranked Phillips took out Dakota Cameron in the Quarter-Finals, Emma Jinks in the Semi-Finals, and then capping off his weekend with a 3 game victory over Mitch Chaisson! 

1ST - Nathan Phillips 
2ND - Mitchell Chaisson 
3RD - Phil Anderson 
CONSOLATION - Lester Jinks 

You can check out full results on the Rust Remover Sporty HQ page, and don't forget that the 2017 ASPIN CUP is just around the corner, November 17-19. Hope to see you there!


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Please disregard the draw currently posted on the sporty HQ website. We are still learning the software and not sure why a draw was made but it will hit be the schedule. We apologize for the inconvenience. Official draw will be posted Thursday evening, and participants will be sent first draw emails when draw is Complete.