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Wanted, New Squash Players!!

Another squash season is about to begin. We want new players to enjoy this amazing sport. Please invite your friends to give it a try!

Juniors (beginner boys and girls) come along to the Spa on Tuesdays  at 4:40 to 6:00 pm and Saturdays from 8.40 am - 10 am. Give it a try.  (We will supply balls, racquets and goggles if needed.) Contact Kenny Power - or Lester Jinks -

New Women Players
Monday nights at the UPEI courts from 6 till 8 pm Contact:  Shara Cody- , or ,
how about: Thursday night at the SPA from 6:40 pm - 8:00 pm  Contact:  Rhonda MacLean

I recently attended a tournament in Ontario. I learned that Squash is the fastest growing racquet sport in North America. It has the best fitness rating for any ball sport. In the USA the following article was posted:


League Play to Begin at the Spa

Welcome back to another exciting year of Squash!  Time to dust off the sneakers and put new crash tape on the racquet - let the games begin!

League play will begin at the Spa next Monday, September 13, 2010 - please see the link in the left panel for an overview of the various leagues that will be underway this season - we have something for everyone.

Also a quick reminder that our first tournament of the year is coming up at the end of September - a new name - new prizes - and hopefully some new faces!

A reminder to all members of Squash PEI of the new agreement in place with the Spa - once again - have a look at the panel on the left for membership details.

Great to be back at it  - see you on the courts!


Player of the Week Update - 5 Fast Facts with Steve Bruce

Check out our new Player of the Week interview with this week's star ... Steve Bruce!


Canada Games Squash 50/50 Draw

The Canada Games PEI squash team is running a 50/50 draw fundraiser beginning on August 20th, 2011 and ending on October 16th, 2011. The tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.  Please contact one of the players, or coaching staff to purchase your tickets.

It could be a very nice prize - the opening weekend sales at the Charlottetown Walmart were approximately $ 1,400.  Thanks to all Squash PEI members who went to Walmart and purchased tickets.  Thanks also to Shara Cody for organizing the 50/50 fundraiser.

Please visit our Canada Games News- Team PEI web page (link under the "Canada Games" section of this site) for pictures and more updates on 50/50 ticket sales.

Thank you for supporting our juniors!


The Atlantic Cup Team Event

Chris Hanebury from Moncton has been spear-heading an exciting team event. I believe that PEI has the wherewith all to enter not one, but two teams. With this being a 'Canada Games season' and scheduling conflicts it has beed decided to postpone the Atlantic cup till next year.

The 1st Annual Atlantic Cup

Date: Postponed till next year.

Teams competing include;

1)    New Brunswick I,

2)    New Brunswick II,

3)    PEI, &

4)    Nova Scotia

Registration Fee: $286 per team ($22/person) + a 1 time additional fee to pay for the trophy: $65 ($5/person) = $350 per team ($27/person)

Registration Includes: Tournament Souvenir + Friday Night Snacks & Saturday Lunch

Each team will play 1 match Friday evening, and 2 on Saturday. The overall winner in matches won is the Atlantic Cup Champion. If there is a tie in matches won, it goes down to games, if that also results in a tie, it goes to the head-to-head result between the two provinces.

Each team consists of the following (13) players,

1 Men’s A

2 Men’s B

2 Men’s C

1 Women’s A

1 Women’s B

2 Women’s C/D

1 Gold Level Junior (male or female, & is a Men’s B caliber player)

1 Silver Level Junior (male or female, & is a Men’s C caliber player)

1Bronze Level Junior (male or female, & is a low D level caliber player)

* Novice Junior Under 10


  • * Hosting province gets to pick 1 additional category for each year (ie, age, weight, hardball, or weight division)
  • For the first year, NB will choose a Novice Junior Under 10 Category
  • Hosting Province also gets to have 2 teams
  •  This ensures 3 matches for each player
  • Juniors can play in 2 divisions
  • The team can decide to evenly split the additional cost (12 player’s/$350 = $29.17 each) or decide that the junior should cover 2 registration fees ($54)
  • If a team is unable to fill a certain category, agreements from the other 2 provinces can decide to alter a division, or allow a non-junior to play a 2nd division
  • Winning team receives the trophy, ‘The Atlantic Cup’ and holds onto it until the following year
  • The winning province is responsible for engraving the year, winning province, and the team members onto the trophy
  • The philosophy is to have all the matches be as closely contested as possible

 Sounds great doesn't it.