Junior Beginner Squash

If youre a Junior and want to start this amazing game, I congratulate you because you have chosen a most incredible sport. Here are the steps I'd recommend.

1. Get on Court and wack the ball (your need eye guards sneakers and a racquet). I recommend a 'single yellow dot' ball.

It bounces a bit more (but is not too bouncy). Racquets are available at the spa for hire or borrow one from derek or andy (SEE BELOW)

2. Enrole in a junior squash program. Monday is beginner night at the Spa. If we discover you're already skilled you will be moved up to the junior intermediate level. its a good starting point. Space is limited and if there are no spots open, no worries and dont let that stop your progress! see point 3 below:

3. Ask a coach to give you a lesson. A private lesson is awesome, but join up with a pal or 2 and ask for a group rate. It is FUN and you will fast track you skills!  Squedule your own sessions with a coach. They will be happy to get you started.

4. Play in a tournament. I know youre just a beginner, but there are beginner divisions and as long as you can serve we'd LOVE to have you join in a tournament. Youl'll likely get a t-shirt and there will likely be pizza and snacks and you will have a ball. Its not about winning, its about fun and the thrill of playing. The website has tournament dates. There nothing like a tournament to improve your game...gauranteed!

To find out more please call:

coach John 902 3679572