adult player - Keen to improve

Everyone can improve thier game. It makes you feel good and you are investing in yourself. Kudos to you!

These are the suggestions:

1. Get on court and play often. 

2. Arrange a training session with a coach. The fees are ~ $25 to 30 per session. Have a friend or partner or two to join you (and 1/2 the cost).

3. Get on court and hit by yourself. (Play solo.) The sport lends itself well to this kind of practice. Top players often do most of their training this way and it can be rewarding and a tough workout. Ask a coach to teach you how. 

4. Play in tournaments...not to win them, but to improve. We gaurantee that you will emerge a better player after each tournament. Playing people with different playing styles is challenging and you will quickly learn what works. It is also brilliant fun. 


Good luck and see you courtside!


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