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Final League Wrap-up! Sea Hawks Upset Panthers!!

The Sea Hawks pulled off the upset to defeat the league leading Panthers and lay claim to the Fall Wednesday Night Squash League. The Hawks came to play and when it was all said and done the final score was 39-33. We were pretty much bang on in our match predictions however the TSN turning point moment was the 3-0 win by Mike Gallant over Steven Banks that we honestly did not see coming. We did predict that if Mike used his power and controlled the T, he might be successful against Banks. Congratulations to the members of the winning Sea Hawks who are:

Lester Jinks

Ken Sampson

Brodie Carter

Benoit Sampson

Mike Gallant

Floyd Jackson

Brian Ashby

Robert MacNevin

Enrique Riveroll

Mya MacNevin

Kelly MacWilliams

Sherri MacNevin

Level Prizes

We had some great competition at each level throughout the league but based on our criteria of; number 1, you had to play all of your matches to be considered,number two, if players were tied it came down to points for and number three, if the players were still tied it went to head to head competition. Based on that the winners at each level were;

Level 1 Mike Buchanan - Tigers

Level 2 Ken Sampson - Sea Hawks

Level 3 Jeremy Stiles - Tigers

Level 4 Benoit Sampson - Sea Hawks

Level 5 Mike Gallant - Sea Hawks

Level 6 Robert Sharkie - Panthers

Level 7 Brian Ashby - Sea Hawks

Level 8 Matt Gallant - Blue Eagles

Level 9 Enrique Riveroll - Sea Hawks

Level 10 Inez Roberts - Tigers

Level 11 James O'Halloran - Huskies

Level 12 Dodi Crane - Blue Eagles

All members of the Sea Hawks and the winners at each level received gift cards from Sport Check as recognition for their accomplishments. We hope to see you all in the next league in the New Year and until then, get to the T, the walls are your friends and from Ken and myself have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Wednesday Night House league Final!

The Spa Wednesday Night House League is now complete and it will be the Panthers doing battle with the Sea Hawks for all the bragging rights. We will start at level 1 and go down through each level to give our prognostications as to who we think might be the victor. Level one shapes up to be one of those coming of age stories, on one hand you have the father who has worked hard to pass on his skills and knowledge of the game to his oldest son, on the other hand you have a sixteen year old phenom who, based on the last encounter, will have no mercy or Christmas cheer for his dear old dad, we predict Connor in three. Level two is an interesting matchup, Ken Sampson won the first encounter in four games but Linden Oulton avenged and revenged that loss by taking Ken down in five games. This is definitely one of those pivotal games that could go either way but we think that Sampson will win in five. Level three has Emma Jinks taking on Brodie Carter, based on the first two encounters Carter will have to be at his very best if he hopes to pull out a victory. Emma is just coming off a win in the tough Men’s B division in Moncton and we think that she will be too much for Brodie, we predict a win for the Panthers. Level four has two Canada Games team mates going head to head, Benoit Sampson has beaten Samantha Lawther in both encounters this year and we don’t see that changing Wednesday night, we predict a Sea Hawk win. Level five has two crafty wily old veterans who have played each other countless times over the year, once again mike Gallant and Steven Banks will face each other on Wednesday. Banks won the first two league encounters but if Mike can hit the ball with power and control the T he may be able to pull it out, if not, we look for a Panther win. Level six should be a victory for the Panthers as Robert Sharkie has had little difficulty with Floyd Jackson in league play but thats why you play the game and I highly doubt that Floyd will mail it in. Level seven has Brian Ashby and Liam Jinks battling it out and it should be a close one. In their last encounter Brian won in five very tough games so this one is truly a toss up but we look for Brian’s experience to pull through and a win for the Sea Hawks. Level eight has Robert MacNevin taking on J.S. Duchesne and I am honestly at a loss to make a prediction as I have not seen them play each other. Level nine will be an interesting matchup of skill versus fitness. In their first match Enrique Riveroll handled John McAleer fairly easily but in the second go around McAleer literally ran Riveroll into the ground. If Enrique can control the game with his shot making he should pull out a win for the Sea Hawks. Level ten has Mandy Oulton taking on Canada Games hopeful Mya MacNevin and based on league play Mya will have her  hands full with Mandy and we look for a win for the Panthers. Level eleven has another Canada Games hopeful Madison McQuaid doing battle with veteran kelly MacWilliams, based on league results and if Madison can maintain her focus she should pull out a victory for the Panthers. Last but certainly not least we have Solange Sharkie doing battle with Sherri MacNevin, we think that Solange better have her racquet blessed before she takes to the court since her racquet did not listen to her in their first two encounters so based on previous play we predict a win for the Sea Hawks. There you have it, a predicted Panther win, this poll is accurate five times out of ten!!


Wednesday Night House League

Just a reminder to all league members who have rescheduled games to make up that today is your last chance to get them played. This is especially important to the Huskies and the Sea Hawks as they are fighting it out for the chance to play the Panthers in the finals on Wednesday evening. Also, do not forget the league social and prizes after the final. The finals begin around 6:00 and the social around 8:00.


Wednesday Night Trickle Boasts! Week 9

Week nine saw the third place Sea Hawks close the gap between them and the second place Huskies with a 30-24 victory over the Blue Eagles. Leading the Hawks was Canada Games hopeful Mya MacNevin as she took Seana Evans-Renault down in five games after being down two, ah the fitness of youth!! Enrique Riveroll regained his form by defeating Derek Anderson in three games and Brian Ashby continues to improve as evidenced by a tough five game win over another Canada Games hopeful Logan Anderson. Benoit Sampson continued to beat up on the crafty wily old veterans with a 3-1 win over Shawn Hughes. For the Blue Eagles Rob Morrison continues impress as he took down Ken Sampson in five tough games and Shara Cody got over her sickness to defeat veteran Mike Gallant in five games. Delores Crane continues to dominate at level twelve with a 3-1 win over Sherri MacNevin, too bad she can’t count!! The weather must have been a determining factor in the second session as only four matches were played. Allan Hughes went with what works and dinked and doinked Pierre Amsellum into submission in five entertaining games, when he is on the unpredictable Hughes is tough to play. Nathan Phillips avenged and revenged a defeat at the hands of a former teacher in last years club championship. Phillips was just too much to handle as he took down Wayne Stanley in 4 games. In the other matches Todd Gallant defeated Rhonda MacLean in three games and Andy Gallant proved the craftier of veterans as he won in four over Bruce Johnston. It seem that the dogs are only allowed to go out when the weather is good!! Just when Ken and I were thinking of closing down because of the weather almost all of the matches showed for the final session, go figure! Once again the Panthers showed why they are at the top of the standings as they defeated the Tigers 43-23. Canada Games youngsters Emma Jinks, Samantha Lawther, Liam Jinks and Madison McQuaid were all victorious and picked up five points each for the league leading Panthers while Linden Oulton, Robert Sharkie, John MacAleer and Solange Sharkie also had wins for the Panthers. For the Tigers Mike Buchanan picked up his usual five points with a win over junior Connor Jinks, Connor might be the “next one” but Mike served notice that youngster will have to wait in line for the crown to be handed over. Inez Roberts continued her winning ways as she defeated an improving Mandy Oulton in four games and once again contributed the majority of the Robert’s share of points for the Tigers. Until next week, get to the T, the walls are your friends and only one week left in our schedule so get those rescheduled games played and reported.

Standings Nov.27th      
Panthers 317    
Huskies 263    
Sea Hawks 260    
Capers 221    
Blue Eagles 216    
Tigers 204    



Summerside Open Dec 6-7, 2014

Don't miss the 2014 Summerside Open from December 6-7, 2014 at the Fit Stop in Summerside. Registration cost is $40 for adults and $30 for juniors and students. Deadline to register is December 1st at midnight.

Online registrations can be found at the following link: