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Wednesday Night Trickle Boasts!!

Just a reminder that the week 2 schedule will be played Monday night April 21st and that any re-schedules games that have not been played must be played by Monday April 21st to count in league standings. As in previous leagues only the top two teams play in the final on Wednesday, April 23rd , the also rans are invited to come out and get a hit from 5:00 to 6:30. The finals will get under way at 6:30 and after all matches are completed all league members are invited down to Hil’s for food and league prize presentations.

Week 2

5:00  Mike & Ikes  vs. Fuzzy Peaches

6:30 Gummy Bears vs. Swedish Berries

8:00 Fuzzy Peaches vs. Cherry Blasters


Week five may go down as a record for re-scheduled games, contributing factors for this anomaly was once again the weather and the league juniors attending the Canadian Nationals. High lights were few and far between but in the first matchup between the Mike & Ikes and the toothless Gummy Bears Robert Sharkie and Jason MacIntyre locked up in a good one with Jason pulling it out in five even though he was down 2-0 early on. Also hooking up in another five gamer were Logan Anderson and Matt Ramsay with Logan eking it out in the fifth. In the 6:30 matchup between the Sour Kids and the Cherry Blasters re-schedules was more the rule than the exception but it did have an interesting matchup between Steve Bruce and Squash PEI’s number two seed Mitch Chaisson. The scores were 14-11, 13-11 and 13-11 which indicates that the games could have gone either way and that Steve Bruce is steadily improving even though he lost in three. Steve may need to visit a sports psychologist or have one on hand in between games to get his head at the same level as his physical abilities!! The highlight game in the 8:00 matchup had Pierre Ansellem defeating a tough Allan Hughes in five entertaining games. Until Monday, get to the T, the walls are your friends and good luck to all re-schedules in getting their matches played because the top two teams are far from being finalized!.


League Standings,April 16th

Sour Patch Kids


Mike & Ikes


Gummy Bears


Fuzzy Peaches


Cherry Blasters


Swedish Berries




2014 Spa Club Championship registration now open

The Spa Total Fitness Centre is hosting a club championship April 25/26. 

This tournament is open to Spa members only.

Registration is $10 which includes: 

  • A 3 match guarantee  
  • A meal voucher for steak, fries, and a beer (soft drink for juniors) at Hil's.
  • Winner of Junior Girls/Junior Boys/Men's A/Women's A will be crowned 'Club Champions'!

Registration is now available on Tournament Software.

Registration closes Monday, April 21, at midnight.

Come out with all of your club-mates! Thanks to Colin and co at the Spa for their continued support of squash in their facility!



Wednesday Night Trickle Boasts!

Congratulations to Squash P.E.I. for hosting a fantastic Atlantic Squash Tournament this past weekend at U.P.E.I and The Spa. Island players continue to show that they are competitive in all divisions and more than dominant at the Men’s and Women’s A divisions. Also congratulations to Jeremy Stiles as he logged in 1000 tournament games in the Men’s B division, a true testament to perseverance and love of the game. Having said that, what the hell was he thinking?? Stiles is like a bad gambler, no matter how many times he loses he thinks that the big one is just around the corner. This is evidenced by his insane bet with Shara Cody that has 6 beer on the line for every match that they play, Stiles is now behind a two four, time to cut your losses Jeremy and pay her off!! This is actually a great segue into the league as the Swedish Berries were crushed by the Blasters in the 5:00 match up. Highlight of this meeting had Shara Cody toying with her easy mark Jeremy Stiles and picking up the win (and 6 more beer) in five games. Brodie Carter is still undefeated as he set Shawn Hughes down in 4 games, all the CWOVs at this level are going to have to come up with a new game plan that probably has something to do with fitness to handle this young fella. Newcomers to the league Wasim and Hassan Abbassi picked up wins over Colin Younker and MJ Webster for their team the Blasters. In the second time slot the Gummy Bears mauled the Fuzzy Peaches into submission. Dana Cole defeated J.S. Duchesne in five tough games and youngsters Logan Anderson and Liam Jinks played a great five games with Logan pulling it out in the fifth. Cam Beck picked up his first win at level 3 with a win over Derek Lawther, for once Beck seemed relaxed and more on his game which does not bode well for the rest of his level 3 opponents. Sandie Morrison continues to improve as she eked out a 3-2 win over Rhonda MacLean. In the final match of the evening the Mike & Ikes led by their superstar Mike Buchanan soured the Patch Kids. Mike took Steve Bruce on a tour of the court which visited each and every corner numerous times. In fairness to Steve he played pretty good and was tough in every rally but the relentless shot making of Buchanan simply wears you down. Mandy Smith and Dodi Crane locked up in a good battle with Mandy taking the match in five good games. Just a reminder, we  had to cancel league night on March 26th.  We have spoken to the Spa, and they've booked off the courts Monday evening, April 21st (Easter Monday) for us to make up that missed league day. So just to be clear, the remainder of the schedule will carry on as indicated.  The March 26th matches will simply be moved to Monday, April 21st...same time, same opponent!  As is always the case, if you can't make your match that evening, be sure to contact your opponent to arrange a makeup date. Until Wednesday, get to the T, the walls are your friends and if anybody wants in on some Stiles action send him an email at easymark@bdivision4life!!!!



Spa House League - March 26 Storm night is now April 21

Not that we want to make anyone think about winter storms anymore, but as you'll remember, we  had to cancel league night on March 26th.  We have spoken to the Spa, and they've booked off the courts Monday evening, April 21st (EasterMonday) for us to make up that missed league day. 
So just to be clear, the remainder of the schedule will carry on as indicated.  The March 26th matches will simply be moved to Monday, April 21st...same time, same opponent!  As is always the case, if you can't make your match that evening, be sure to contact your opponent to arrange a makeup date.   


OTTAWA (ON) - Squash Canada announced today the creation of its Community Endowment Fund as a new  vehicle to promote and improve grassroots squash at the community level across Canada. The Fund is in honour  the great builders of community squash in Canada. The first champion is in memory of Dennis Goodfellow, a man who epitomized the role of a great Canadian community squash builder. 
The Community Endowment Fund is part of Squash Canada’s Community Squash Strategy to support grassroots initiatives in communities with fewer than 350,000 people. In 2013, Squash Canada supported 12 community projects across Canada including Urban Squash, Toronto and Coastal Squash, Vancouver.
“Squash Canada is committed to creating a financial resource that will allow the smaller communities across Canada the ability to develop new squash programs by providing them support such as squash equipment and qualified coaches. We are extremely optimistic that those with means will give generously to the Community Endowment Fund to ensure a continuous healthy growth in our sport”, said Squash Canada President Lolly Gillen.
Toronto Athletic Club, Director of Squash, Josh McDonald said, “As a past recipient of a Squash Canada 
Endowment Fund, as well as learning the game of squash in Ajax, Ontario, a community where Dennis Goodfellow was an instrumental builder of the sport, I am extremely proud to be the first Chairman of this very worthy cause".
For further information or donation to the Community Endowment Fund please contact Squash Canada.
Please make donation payable to Squash Canada . 

By Mail:
2197 Riverside Dr. Suite #401 
Ottawa, ON K1H 7X3
By Phone
 Danny Da Costa, Executive Director (613) 731-7385 * 2301
Or by Visa or MasterCard.