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Spa Wednesday Night House League Play-offs!

All matches that are going to be counted in the final standings have been played and these are the final results. Over the next two weeks we will play-off to determine the Spa Wednesday Night House League champions. The top four finishers in the league will play for the Championship while the bottom four teams will play for bragging rights.

Final League Standings as of March 23rd

The Cannonballs                     175

The Marksmen                         164

The Vipers                                150

The German Tree Choppers 140

The Beasts of Alexandria       137

The French Generals             130

The Maestro's                         100

The Wolves                               97

Play-offs March 25th

5:00 Match 1

The Cannonballs vs. The German Tree Choppers

6:00 Match 2

The Marksmen vs. The Vipers

7:00 Match 3

The Beasts of Alexandria vs. The Wolves

8:00 Match 4

The French Generals vs. The Maestro’s


PEI OPEN RESULTS - Closing remarks from 2014-2015 Tournaments


Hard to believe it's all over, but the final tournament to be held in Prince Edward Island for the 2014-2015 season has come and gone. Thank you to athletes, parents and spectators for taking part in the PEI Open! We had a great turnout from across the province, as well as visitors from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Below is the recap of the 2015 PEI Open. Enjoy!


1st – Andrew Clark
2nd – Thomas Johnston
3rd – Todd Gallant


1st – Brian Ashby
2nd – Ty Good
3rd – Nick Sangster
Consolation – Bryson Woodworth
Plate – Taylor Kosciecwicz


2nd – Luke Burton 
3rd – John McNally
Consolation – Derek Gallant
Plate – Pat O'Connell


1st – Orshy Torok
2nd – Lorraine Macdonald
3rd – Seana Evans-Renaud


1st - Chris Mills 

2nd – Gordie Lawlor
3rd – Cam Beck


1st – Michael Buchanan
2nd – Connor Jinks
3rd – Jean-Michel LeBlanc
Consolation – Dakota Cameron 
Plate – Pierre Ansellem

Well that's it for PEI Tournaments until the fall!

Quick notes

a) NS Open is being held March 26-29 in Halifax

b) Atlantic Championships being held April 10-12 in Moncton

c) Information will be coming out next month for the Squash PEI Awards Night to be held later this spring

d) 2015-2016 Maritime Tournament Schedule will be released hopefully by late July

In closing, thank you to all the volunteers and participants for taking part this season in all tournaments. It was a great experience my first year running tournaments for Squash PEI and I look forward to continuing on. Definitely a learning experience but we have a wonderful Squash Community in the province that helped make this a smooth transition over the course of the season. We had success, we had challenges. We had some dissapointment, but we had many more great moments! Over the next few months, I will be taking time to reach out to our membership for thoughts and opinions from the season and what we can do to make all our tournaments and events attractive to both our regular participants and visitors attending from off Island. The ideas are already in motion for 2016 and I look forward to the opportunity at growing all our events moving forward.

See you in the fall!

Andrew Avery 
Tournament Chair - Squash PEI


Wednesday Night Trickle Boasts!! March 4th

The Canada Games Juniors were fantastic to watch, we caught every match that was live streamed and we can’t begin to tell you how proud we were of each and every player. The standings in the Wednesday Night House League show the Cannonballs on top with the Vipers, Marksmen, Beasts and Tree Choppers all in a very close race for the next three positions. After Wednesday night’s matches the top four teams will vie for the championship while the bottom four also-ran teams will duke it out for positions five through eight. Your teams first match is dependent on how you finish in the league. The Vipers and Beasts got things going with CBC Bruce and Jonathan O’Keefe up tn the first match of the evening. It is always easy to determine how Bruce is doing in his match by the different sounds that he makes, it’s never good if a high pitch whine is reverberating from the court, you can pretty much determine how things are going.So it was last Wednesday when O’Keefe took him down in three straight, just had to listen to determine the result! Gary Roberts picked up his first win over Brodie Carter with a walk over after the first two games as Carter pulled up with a hamstring injury. Donnie Gallant surprised Canada Games junior Ty Good with an array of tricky boasts which I’m pretty sure he did not see at the Games. Also picking up wins for the Beasts were J.S Duchesne, Andrew Sprague And Steven Cudmore. The second session started off with two excellent matches as old rivals Chris Mills and Gordie Lawlor once again faced off in the court. Mills started out fast picking up two quick wins before the old master found his game and out skilled Chris over the next three games. Pierre Ansellum and Rob Morrison also hooked up in a great match with Ansellum picking up the win with a 11-7 victory in the fifth. Matt Ramsay and John McAleer also battled it out in a fifth game with Matt also winning 11-7 in the fifth. Crafty wily old veterans Cam beck and Wayne Stanley showed that you certainly don’t have to rally in a squash game if you can dink and doink your opponent into submission. Beck was on with his short game and downed Stanley 11-9 in the fifth and final game. Only two other matches were played in the third session with Derek Gallant making short work of Stephen Phillips and Robert Blanchard defeating Robert MacNevin in four. Canada Games phenom Connor Jinks started off the last session with a masterful display of Shot making to defeat Ken Sampson in three games, I know that Mikey B beat Connor in the final of the Island Open but Mike has to know that the writing is on the wall with this youngster. Canada Games juniors Emma Jinks and Benoit Sampson squared off but on this night things went all the young lady’s way as she took Benoit down in three. The highlight match of the evening had former Canada games junior Trevor MacNeil taking on current Canada Games Coach Shara Cody, the match went back and forth until MacNeil edged Cody out in the fifth game 11-9. Jason MacIntyre and Robert Sharkie also had a great match with Jason getting up quickly by two games before Sharkie dug in and won the next two games, unfortunately Robert used up too much energy and went down easily in the fifth 11-3. Liam Jinks continues to improve as he took out fellow junior Logan Anderson in four well played games. Colin Younker got back on the winning track with a 3-0 win over Andrew Avery and Solange Sharkie got her mischievous racquet under control and picked up a win over Angela Trainer. Until next week , get to the T, the walls are your friends and congratulations to Connor Jinks for defeating the number 2 and 3 seeds in last weekends Island Open.

Standings Mar.4th      
Cannonballs 141    
Vipers 123    
Marksmen 121    
Tree Choppers 120    
Beasts 119    
Generals 88    
Wolves 78    
Maestros 64  

2015 PEI OPEN (Deadline to sign up is Monday night!)




Above is the link for the 2015 PEI Open next weekend! Don't forget to sign up, tournament will be from March 6-8 at the SPA! Deadline to sign up is Monday night. It is the last Charlottetown tournament of the season so don't miss out before you end up missing it until next fall!

$30.00 for adults and $20.00 for Juniors!

See you at the courts! 



Wednesday Night Trickle Boasts!!

Last Wednesday was again a very quiet night on the courts due to “White Juan 2”.The Tree Choppers and The Beasts of Alexandria got things rolling with Connor Jinks taking down Jonathan O’keefe in three games. To Juice’s credit, he played hard and extended the rallies but in the end the highly skilled junior was just too much. Aaron Park continues to play well as he defeated a very tough Robert Sharkie in four games and Spencer Russel also continues to improve as he took out J.S Duchesne in three games. Andrew Sprague continues to climb the level ladder as he defeated Bektas Erogam easily in three games while Stephen Cudmore thumped President Avery in four games.In the 6.00 session Gordie lawlor displayed some of that old form that made him one of the top players ever on P.E.I. Serves and misdirection had the usually tricky Allan Hughes confused and bewildered as Lawlor took him down in three. Samantha Lawther took the first two games before CWOV Wayne Stanley stymied the youngster with an array of “old fart squash shots” and went on to defeat Sam in five well played games with the fifth game 12-10. Steven Banks miscalculated the rapidly improving Derek gallant as he fell to the big fella in five games and Brian Ashby continued his winning ways with an easy win over Robert Blanchard while Mandy Oulton also won in three over the always tough Rhonda MacLean. The third session only had two matches played but it also had the highlight match of the evening between junior Nathan Phillips and Ken Sampson. hard to believe that Phillips has been at this game for only three years as he displays the maturity and skill of a much more experienced player. The games went back and forth but in the end youth prevailed 11-6 in the fifth for Nathan. Derek Anderson won his challenge match and made his move up the ladder a good one as he defeated Kevin Hodgson in three games. In the 8:00 session CBC Bruce picked up the victory over Pierre Ansellum in three games while veterans Gary Roberts and Chris Mills battled it out over four games with Chris picking up the five points for the Wolves, still strange to watch two left handers play!! Mike gallant got back in the win column after a sorry effort the previous week with a five game win over a recovering Bruce Johnson. The games were all close but Donnie Gallant just had shovelled too much and fell to Floyd Jackson in three games and in the final match of the night  Inez Roberts defeated Delores Crane in three games. We are dark this Wednesday as the league takes a hiatus to follow our Canada Games Juniors, come out for a hit early and stick around Hil’s as the games against Yukon(I think) will be live streamed. Until two weeks, get to the T, the walls are your friends and for Brodie Carter, sometimes when you win the battle you lose sight of the war!!

Standings Feb.18th      
Cannonballs 119    
Vipers 108    
Marksmen 104    
Beasts 97    
Tree Choppers 96    
Generals 74    
Maestros 56    
Wolves 56