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MILL RIVER – Mike Buchanan is making a strong argument to be considered one of the top athletes to ever come out of West Prince.


Mill River 2015 (25 Years)


Mill River Open squash

tournament results:

Men's A Division

1. - Mike Buchanan.

2. - Graham Kerford.

Consolation - Martin Dumas.

Men's B Division

1. - Kyle Chaisson.

2. - Benoit Sampson.

Consolation - Kristian Lethbridge-Hall.

Men's C Division

1. - Richard Babineau.

2. - Mike Reid.

Consolation - Bryson Woodworth.

Men's D Division

1. - Sebastian LeBlanc.

2. - Brandon Irving.

Consolation - Eric Melanson.

Women's A/B Division

1. - Julia Moore.

2. - Megan Nearing.

Consolation - Orshy Torok.

Women's C Division

1. - Stephanie Babineau.

2. - Veronique Cyr.

Consolation - Sara Chaisson.

Masters Division

1. - Gord Lawlor.

2. - Scott Hamill.

Consolation - David Hotham.

Junior Beginners Division

1. - Matthew MacDonald.

2. - Stephen Pitre.

Consolation - Joseph Pitre.


Wednesday Night Trickle Boasts!

Once again the re-schedule bug reared its ugly head as only four matches made it onto the courts in the five o’clock encounter between the Maestros and the wolves. Pierre Amsellem celebrated his new arrival by taking down talented Nathan Phillips in three games and Shaun Hughes had a tougher time with Stephen Phillips but eked out the win in five games for the Wolves. Dana Coles and Kevin Hodgson picked up wins and five points each for the Maestros. In the six o’clock time slot Connor Jinks, Liam Jinks and Spencer Russel all had wins for the Tree Choppers while Ryan Blanchard was the lone bright spot for the Generals as he won a tough one over Solange Sharkie in five games. Once again only four matches were played in this time slot.Highlight match of the evening had Jonathan O’keefe and Ken Sampson battle it out over five entertaining games with O’Keefe pulling out the victory with an 11-8 score in the fifth. Trevor MacNeil is showing a return to form as he took down Jeremy Stiles in three quick games and a win for the Marksmen. Enrique Riveroll and Derek Anderson also picked up wins for the Marksmen while Stephen Cudmore and newcomer Andrew Sprague replied for the Beasts. Go figure, the last session of the night had all its matches played! Veterans Gary Roberts and Gord Lawlor played a great match with Gary getting the first two games before lawlor showed his precise shot making to win the next two but Roberts stamina won out in the end to pick up the 3-2 victory.Samantha Lawther and Mike gallant hooked up in another great match with Samantha winning in five games. Not to be outdone, Andy Gallant spotted Steven Banks the first two games before roaring back with three straight wins for the win. Adam Hashim continued his winning ways as he picked up his second victory in as many weeks with a win over Rhonda MacLean.Also picking up wins and pushing the Cannonballs into first place were Brian Ashby, Matt Ramsay, Todd Gallant and Kelly MacWilliams.Until next week, get to the T, the walls are your friends and congratulations to all the Mill River winners!!

Standings Jan. 21      
Cannonballs 67    
Tree Choppers 51    
Marksmen 50    
Vipers 48    
Beasts 36    
Maestros 34    
Generals 30    
Wolves 21



Day 1 Wrap Up

Opening day is in the books at the Mill River Open 25th Anniversary Tournament. Lots of exciting matches and results all evening. A full day of action starts at 8:00am tomorrow morning with the Women's A/B Quarter Finals. At 12:00pm, a pair of Men's A Quarter Final matches will take place. Steve Bruce is coming off a huge win tonight against Martin Dumas, and will face the #2 seed Graham Kerford. And also at 12:00pm, it's a battle of two home town boys. On this weekend and at this tournament one year ago, Lyndon Oulton won the Mens B Final and advanced to Men's A. He heads into action tomorrow against the Defending Mill River Men's A Champion and defending Atlantic Champion, Michael Buchanan. The Battle of O'Leary should be a dandy!

We ask ask all players to please be ready to play 30 minutes before your match if possible. We were way ahead of schedule tonight which is great, but we have many MANY matches to play tomorrow. Your cooperation is most appreciated. Don't forget following action the social starts at 9:00pm in the Hunter Duval Room with a hot buffet and Clarky Trivia.

Tomorrow I'll get to the T, tonight I'm headin to bed. See you at the courts!



Wednesday Night Trickle Boasts!!

I apologise for my tardiness but computers sometimes have a mind of their own!! Welcome back to the second go around of the Spa Wednesday Night House League. We hope that you like the new format of eight teams with nine levels, the new format allows more players at each skill level and hopefully lots of great competition. One of the problems with the new format is time, players need to be ready to go on court with a minimal warm-up and they can’t be choosy of which court that they play in. In the past we have always tried to schedule stronger players in courts 3 and 4 but because of time restraints, when a court opens up, expect to be asked to play in it.The courts are on a first come, first serve basis which means that if you and your opponent are at courtside ready to go you will be put on first. We would like to welcome all first time participants to the league and we hope that you will find your experience both rewarding and challenging. We would like to remind all players that if you must re-schedule make sure that you contact your opponent and it would also be nice if you let Ken or Wayne know so that they can move court time around accordingly.If you do re-schedule and play your match please e-mail Ken or Wayne the scores of your match. Ken has come up with some great team names based on the nicknames of PSA players, remember the league has a team concept where you get one point for playing your match at the scheduled time, one point for each game won and one point for earning a victory for your team which means that a win is worth five points for your team. Also, a reminder that if you win you your match you are expected to referee the next match up on the court that you played in or find someone to step in for you.Until next week, get to the T, the walls are your friends and best of luck to all those going to Mill River next weekend!!

League Standings


Cannonballs 34

Tree Toppers 31

Marksmen 30

Vipers 20

Generals 20

Maestros 20

Beasts 17

Wolves 9