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PEI’s squash community wrapped up the 2013/14 season by celebrating some of the organization’s most successful athletes and their achievements. On Saturday, players and families gathered for the annual “Squash Ball”.

The night started out acknowledging the continued dominance of 2014 Male Athlete of the Year, Mike Buchanan. Hailing from O’Leary, Buchanan can boast a perfect record this season, having won several titles region wide.

Quincy Beck, a grade 12 student at Colonel Gray, was recognized for her laundry list of successes in 2013/14 and received both the 2014 Female Athlete of the Year and the 2014 Junior Female Athlete of the Year. Beck’s achievements this year included becoming the first female athlete in 20 years to move into the elite Men’s A division. She has taken home many top titles in Canada and the USA, and was awarded a squash scholarship to Brown University in Rhode Island.

Connor Jinks was another junior player to work his way to the Men’s A division, where he was a fierce competitor all year. Jinks combined raw talent, with hard work and grit to become the top junior athlete in Atlantic Canada, earning him the 2014 Junior Male Athlete of the Year award.

Volunteers within the organization were also celebrated. Lester Jinks, long time Squash PEI player and advocate, has served several terms on the organization executive, coached players in both Charlottetown and Montague, and is always recruiting and mentoring and celebrating Island athletes and successes. From planning the regions premier junior squash camps, to billeting off Island players attending, Jinks’ contributions to the game are endless.

Also recognized on Saturday was John Power, with the Squash Canada Certificate of Recognition. Power’s romance with the sport of squash began in the mid ‘80s in Summerside. From there he has fingerprints all over squash in Canada. Power coached in Quebec, and Ontario, and was head coach of the varsity team at Dartmouth in New Hampshire. His son, Jonathan Power, is a former world #1, and he himself has several national titles in the masters division.


Other awards handed out on Saturday include:

Most Improved Player (Adult) – Floyd Jackson of North River

Most Imrpoved Player (Junior) – Nathan Phillips of

Heart and Soul Award (Adult) – Jeremy Stiles of Darnley

Heart and Soul Award (Junior) – Samantha Lawther of Francois-Buote

Steve Rogers Award – Steve Bruce of Cornwall



Montague Junior Tourney Fun

The Montague junior tournament concluded on 17th May at the Atlantic Fitness East courts. Congrats to all the participants: The winner was Liam Jinks who edged past Cody Fitzpatrick 14-12 in a close match. Third place went to Matthew Cheeseman and 4th to Will Johnston.

Thank you for attending. Don't forget to attend the squash ball this weekend.


Squash Ball and Squash Family Fued

Come celebrate the end of a super successful season with good fun, good eats, and great friends! Join us for the Squash Ball!
DATE:   Saturday, May 24
TIME:   7:00pm
WHERE:  Rodd Charlottetown (Kent St.)  (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF LOCATION)
PRICE:  $20
*Presentation of annual Awards
**Variety of appetizers/finger foods 
***Cash bar
****Dance to follow the presentation of Awards
*****Some other fun and games, thrown in for good measure
RSVP to Kelly by Tuesday, May 20 at or 394-5089
As many of you will remember from the Squash Ball a couple years ago, we played a rousing game of Family Feud with the help of a survey of 'Squash PEI related' questions.  Well, since that was so much fun, we thought we'd do a few more rounds of Family Feud at this year's Squash Ball.  All I need from you right now are your answers to these survey questions: 
  • If there was a 'Squashaholics Anonymous', which PEI player would be the first to sign up? 
  • The day after a PEI Squash Social, which island player is most likely to show up nursing a terrible hangover? 
  • Not that you ever would, but if you had to pick out one thing about squash that you DON'T like, what would it be? 
  • Who is old enough to play in the Masters division, but hardly looks it? 
  • If Squash PEI had a fight team, who would be captain? 
  • If you could master ONE particular squash shot, what would it be?
  • How close to a big match do you eat a meal? 
  • How many points would Mike Buchanan need to give you before you could beat him in a game? 
  • Which Squash Mom has 'got it going on'? 
  • Who intimidates on the court just with their flashy attire? 

Email your responses to Steve Bruce at!


Fit Stop Club Championship 


Wednesday Night Trickle Boasts!!

The fourth and final Spa Wednesday Night House league is now complete and it will be the Sour Patch Kids versus the Mike & Ikes in a play-off on Wednesday evening for the Championship and the bragging rights. If you are a member of either team please be at the courts at 6:15 warmed up and ready to do battle. In the tale of the tape we like the Mike & Ikes to be led by Squash PEI’s # one player Mike Buchanan over steadily improving CBC Bruce. The second match-up is a problem for the Ikes as Doug MacDonald is injured and Wayne Stanley, playing out of the third level, will have to step up to take on Lyndon Oulton and after playing Mike gallant there may not be much left of the CWOV, should be even after two matches!! Although Mike Gallant has lost to Stanley in the last two leagues the hard hitting Gallant is always tough and will be looking to pull the upset. The next matchup will feature two of our best up and coming juniors as Nathan Phillips takes on Samantha Lawther who is coming off a great showing at the Canadian Junior Nationals. We look for Nathan to pull it out for the Sours in four or five games.Next up we have two crafty wily old veterans who know each other very well, but in the end we think that Robert Sharkie will prevail over Wade Gauthier. The injury bug has hit the Ikes again as Ron gamble will probably not be able to go against Stephen Phillips which means that Matt Ramsay playing out of level seven will have to step up, unfortunately for Matt,  Stephen may be a little too strong for him giving the Sours another win. Playing at his own level, Matt will have a great match with another up and coming junior in Ty Good, we think that this could go either way so a toss up at level seven. We like the Ikes in the next two matchups and see Albert Kays and Rob Blanchard taking down Robert MacNevin and Betkas Erdogan for wins at level eight and nine. Once again the injury ridden Ikes lost their number ten Ryan Blanchard but they are hoping that Dodi Crane can step up and defeat Emily Brown, then Dodi has to take on a steadily improving Mandy Smith at the eleventh level. We promised that we would bless Solange Sharkie’s racquet in hopes that it would obey her wishes and help her defeat Kady Brown at the twelfth and final level. There you have it, the Mike and Ikes with all their injuries are definitely behind the eight ball and will be hoping for a miracle to defeat the mighty Sour Patch Kids! Don't forget food and league prizes down at Hil's directly after the league finals. Until next year, get to the T, the walls are your friends and special thanks to Kelly MacWilliams and Squash PEI for making this all happen!!

Final League Standings,April 21st

Sour Patch Kids


Mike & Ikes


Gummy Bears


Cherry Blasters


Swedish Berries


Fuzzy Peaches