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Wednesday Night Trickle Boasts! Week Five

Week five marks the halfway point of the newly formatted Wednesday Night House League. Battles have been won and lost but the best part of the new setup is that the avenge and revenge factor kicks in, you now have a chance to redeem that damaged self esteem and get some payback,or not! The Panthers remain on top and are letting their opponents know that they are a force to be reckoned with as they humbled the second place Huskies 48-28. Little else has changed from last weeks standings but the Sea Hawks slipped into third place by one point over the Capers. Things are still so close that a few reschedule victories could easily change how the league standings look. It has finally happened, all twelve matches in the last session on Wednesday night between the Huskies and Panthers were played, miracles do happen!! The first session on Wednesday had the Sea Hawks defeating the Capers 27-24. Nathan Phillips, just off of a Junior Tournament in Montreal where he played the  number one and two under 19 seeded players in Canada, took down a determined brodie Carter in five great games. Phillips went up two games quickly before Carter came back to make a match of it but lost 11-8 in the fifth. Hard to tell if Enrique “Iglesias”  Riveroll was playing possum after last weeks commentary or if Jeff Wichell’s game is improving but the two veterans put on a show and played five great games with Iglesias winning in the fifth. Ty Good continues to play well as he defeated Robert MacNevin in another five gamer. Benoit Sampson gave up the first game to CWOV Andy Gallant but came back to win in four and Crafty Mike Gallant used his considerable hard hitting game to beat Aaron Park in four games. The second session had more reschedules than games as the Tigers defeated the Blue Eagles 20-18. In the battle of the left handers Trevor MacNeil took down Shawn Hughes 3-0 and Kevin Hodgson defeated Derek Anderson to lead the Tigers. Inez Roberts continued her winning ways as she defeated Seana Evans-renault in four well played games. Leading the Eagles were steady junior Logan Anderson, Delores Crane and new comer Matt Gallant with his first victory in the league. Connor Jinks,Linden Oulton,Emma Jinks,Samantha Lawther,Steven Banks,Robert Sharkie,Liam Jinks,and Mandy Oulton all had victories for the first place Panthers and all but Samantha Lawther did it fairly convincingly over their hapless Huskie opponents, Lawther’s win over Bruce Johnston was anything but easy as the veteran Johnston was serving for match point at 11-10 but the skilled junior fought back to steal the fifth game 14-12. On the Husky side the only Dogs to taste victory were Luke leClair,Kady Bruce and for his fifth win in a row, James O’Halloran. Until next week, get to the T, the walls are your friends and congratulations to Mike Buchanan for giving the number one squash player in Canada all he could handle, proud of you Mike!!

Standings Oct.30th      
Panthers 178    
Huskies 153    
Sea Hawks 143    
Capers 142    
Tigers 121    
Blue Eagles 109



Wednesday Night Trickle Boasts! Week Four

Week four is now history and there has been significant movement in the league standings as the league leading Sea Hawks plummeted down to the four spot and the Panthers are the new league leaders. The Huskies moved from fifth place all the way to second only five points off the lead. Leading the Dogs with his first win of the year was CBC Bruce who took down Jonathan O’Keefe in four games. On the upside for O’keefe, he did win his first game of the year playing in the tough number one spot. Veterans Bruce Johnston and Andy Gallant hooked up in a good battle that went the distance with crafty Bruce winning the fifth. Jason MacIntyre went the whole nine yards for the fourth week in a row and defeated Aaron Park in five entertaining games, Jason now knows why potential referees hide when he is about to play! Wade Gauthier, Luke LeClair and James O’Halloran also picked up wins and five points each for the Huskies helping their team move up the number two spot. Junior Ty Good continues to impress as he took down Daniel Lazaratos in three games and Rhonda MacLean went the distance with Sandie Morrison winning in five tough games. Pierre Amsellum and Jeff Wichell also picked up wins for the Capers helping their team remain in third place. In the 6:30 session the Panthers decimated the Tigers 34-19. Leading the way for the Cats was Lyndon Oulton who took down Gary Roberts in three games and Emma Jinks who took the wind out of Jeremy Stiles sails and showed him that there is a lot of pain playing out of the three spot. The hapless Stiles had no answer for the talented youngster and succumbed in three games and helped keep the league on schedule and on time! The highlight match of the night had present Canada games junior Samantha Lawther matched up with former Canada Games junior Trevor MacNeil in an entertaining five game match with Lawther winning the final game 13-11 and three of the games going overtime, great stuff!! Also picking up wins for the Panthers were Robert Sharkie, Liam Jinks and John McAleer replying for the Tigers were Matt Ramsay and Inez Roberts who picked up her fourth win in a row once again balancing out the contributions for the Roberts family! In the final session of the night the Blue Eagles eked out the Sea Hawks 19-15. Leading the way for the Eagles with his third win in a row was Colin “Jahangir”| Younker, for all those playing in the 11 level there is a new kid on the block and he is coming for you! Logan Anderson put a disappointing loss behind him and rebounded to defeat Brian Ashby in three games and Shara Cody cemented her claim to challenge for the four spot on her team by defeating a tough Mike Gallant in four games. The Sea Hawks were led by junior Benoit Sampson who defeated Shawn Hughes in three games and crafty Enrique Riveroll who is definitely playing below his level, as a matter of fact in other sports in might be referred to as sandbagging, time to challenge up Enrique! Oh yes, to Gary Roberts, we have no procedure in the league to challenge down! Until next week, get to the T, the walls are your friends and the very best of luck to Mike Buchanan who is playing in the qualifying round of the Blue Nose Squash Classic being held in Halifax.

Standings Oct.24th      
Panthers 130    
Huskies 125    
Capers 118    
Sea Hawks 116    
Tigers 101    
Blue Eagles 91



Wednesday Night Trickle Boasts! Week 3

Hate to open up this article on a negative note but in this day and age of instant communication there are no excuses for not getting in touch with your opponent to reschedule a match. So this is a friendly reminder to contact your opponent if you cannot make your scheduled match on League night. Please make arrangements to play your match at another time and then email your results to Wayne / Ken. At this time there are 33 reschedules pending and not one has been completed. For anyone who is having trouble making your matches on Wednesday night and are considering that this may not work for you, there are people on the waiting list. In the first session of the night Jeremy Stiles crossed off a task on his bucket list by defeating (for the first time ever) the not so CWOV Wayne Stanley 3-1. The great thing about the double round robin format is that it gives an opportunity to avenge and revenge a wrong! Allan Hughes used his quirky unusual style to befuddle and confound Gary Roberts in 5 tough games and Bruce Johnston showed some flashes of youthful exuberance as he took down impressive newcomer Trevor MacNeil 3-1. Jason MacIntyre went the full distance 3 weeks in a row as he defeated Donnie gallant in 5 entertaining games, also picking up wins for the improving Huskies were Veteran Dan Lazaratos and surprising newcomer James O’Halloran. As usual the Tigers were led by Squash PEI’s number one seed Mike Buchanan as he took down CBC Bruce in 3 games. Robert Blanchard and Wade Gauthier hooked up in great match with Robert pulling it out in the 5th and Kevin Hodgson defeated Stephen Cudmore to pick up 5 points for the tigers. Inez Roberts continues to impress in her comeback year with a victory over Sandie Morrison to make it 3 wins in a row and a huge contribution to the Tigers from the Roberts family!! The 6:30 match had as many reschedules as matches played as the Sea Hawks and Panthers tied at 23 points each.The Sampson family led the way for the Hawks with Ken defeating Linden Oulton 3-1 and Benoit taking down fellow junior Samantha Lawther 3-1. Had a chance to chat with Enrique Riveroll after his surprising 3-0 win over a tough John McAleer. Although primarily a tennis player Enrique did play some squash 20 or so years ago, it is very evident that he has skills and a head for the game and will climb the levels quickly should he decide to challenge players higher on his team. Steven banks and Mike Gallant rekindled an ageless rivalry and engaged in another battle that Steve won in four games. Robert Sharkie had little sympathy and apparently time as he took out Floyd Jackson in a quick surgical strike, the lesson to be learned Floyd is not to get in the way of a Scotsman on a mission!!! In the final matchup of the night the Blue Eagles eked out the Capers 29-26. Kyle Chaisson showed that he will soon battle for the right to become the next A player as he took down talented junior Nathan Phillips in 3 games. Shara Cody made it known that she is not content with staying at level 5 and will soon challenge to represent her team at level 4, Shawn Hughes should be feeling a little nervous as Cody made short work of Aaron Park 3-0. Russel Spencer spotted junior Logan Anderson two games before he mounted a determined comeback and won in 5 games. Logan was a victim of a momentum shift that we have all experienced, he will learn and be ready next time, remember Logan to avenge and revenge is sweet! Veterans Stephen Phillips and Dana Cole locked up in a good match with the crafty Phillips winning in four games. Junior Ty Good is showing steady improvement as he defeated also improving newcomer Matt Gallant 3-1. Jeff Wichell spotted Derek Anderson the first game before roaring back in the next three games to pick up points for the Capers. Delores Crane continues to dominate at level 12 and should probably consider challenging to move up on her team as she defeated Angela Trainer in three games. The problem for Crane is that she would have to challenge the squash juggernaut that resides at level 11, that’s right she would have to challenge Colin Younker who is playing the best squash of his young career. Younker is coming off an impressive win over Andrew Avery to make it two victories in as many weeks. Seana Evans-Renault should be watching her back as Younker may covet the highly sought after level 10! Until next week, get to the T, the walls are your friends and no I did not forget you Carter, Emma dummied you! HaHa!

Standings Oct.16th  
Sea Hawks 97
Panthers 92
Capers 85
Tigers 82
Huskies 81
Blue Eagles 72



Wednesday Night Trickle Boasts!! Week 2

Week two is now in the books and the Spa Wednesday Night House League has the Sea Hawks moving to the top spot.The Hawks were led by the venerable Lester Jinks who defeated CBC Bruce in five well played games. Ken Sampson, Brodie Carter, Benoit Sampson, Mike Gallant, Floyd Jackson and newcomer Enrique Riveroll all picked up victories and 5 points each to propel the Hawks to the league lead.You know what it’s like when you encounter something that surprises and startles, you shake your head, do a little double take and refocus. That’s what happens when you encounter Colin Younker in the referees chair, yes folks, Younker picked up his second win in two years and almost helped his Blue Eagle team exit the basement. Kyle Chaisson also helped the Eagles cause by  defeating an improving Emma Jinks in five very entertaining games. Juniors logan Anderson and Liam Jinks proved that long hours of training pay off as they displayed skill and talent as they picked up wins for their teams. Samantha Lawther displayed skill and toughness as she took down former A player Shawn Hughes in 3 games. John McAleer continued his winning ways with a 3-0 win over Derek Anderson. Seana Evans-Renault and Delores Crane also picked up wins and 5 points for the Eagles. In the final session of the night the Capers took down the Tigers 29-20 despite Mike Buchanan’s 3-0 win over a game but overmatched Jonathan O’Keefe leaving the “Juiceman” zero for October. Trevor MacNeil continues to impress as he took down a tough opponent in Andy Gallant in four games. Inez Roberts once again balanced her other half as she defeated Rhonda macLean 3-0 and picked up five points for the family and her team! The Capers responded with wins from Aaron Park, Stephen Phillips, Russell Spencer and up and coming junior Ty Good. A reminder to all players who have rescheduled games to be made up, please get them played as soon as possible and send the results to Ken or Wayne. If you do have to reschedule make sure your opponent is contacted, nothing is more frustrating to show up and your opponent doesn’t, and it is also helpful if you let us know so we can adjust the schedule. Until next week, get to the T, the walls are your friends and good luck to Jonathan O’Keefe, Colin Younker and Brodie Carter as they compete in the Two Man Best Ball golf tournament this weekend!!

Standings Oct.9      
Sea Hawks 74    
Panthers 69    
Capers 59    
Tigers 47    
Huskies 44    
Blue Eagles 43



Wednesday Night Trickle Boasts! Week 1

The Spa Wednesday Night House league is off and running with a new format this year. The league will consist of a double round robin where each team plays every other team twice. Great chance to measure your progress against your opponent and in some cases a chance to avenge and revenge a loss. Team Panther were fast out of the gate as they picked up an impressive 47 points against an overmatched Capers Squad. Connor jinks led the way for the cats with a 3-0 victory over Juice O’keefe who has not made the transition back from the golf course, however he did look dapper in the shirt that he obviously borrowed from Brodie Carter. Lyndon Oulton looked in mid season form with a 3-1 win over Pierre Ansellem and Emma Jinks also picked up a 3-1 win over fellow junior Nathan Phillips. Sam Lawther handled the crafty veteran Andy Gallant in 4 games while Steven Banks made short work of Aaron Park in 3 games. CWOVs Robert Sharkie and Stephen Phillips hooked up in a great five gamer with Robert coming from behind to win in the fifth. John McAleer and Jeff Witchell showed no signs of rust as they also went the distance with John picking up the win in five games and Mandy Oulton picked up where she left off last year and defeated Rhonda MacLean in 3 games. The Capers had little to cheer about but Junior Ty Good, newcomer Andrew Avery and Angela Large all picked up wins for their team. The middle session had more no-shows than high lights as the Huskies went on to defeat The Blue Eagles 20-14. Wade Gauthier led the way for the dogs with a surprising 3-0 victory over Dana Coles and Dan Lazaratos defeated Matt Gallant to pick up five points for his team. Newcomer James O’Halloran defeated Colin Younker 3-1 in a well played match, should be a good rematch the next time around. The bright lights for the birds were Shara Cody with a tough, well played 3-2 win over Jason MacIntyre and Seana Evans-Renault who defeated Sandie morrison 3-1. The last session of the night had The Sea Hawks defeating the Tigers 35-27. Mike Buchanan has not mellowed over the summer as he took down Lester jinks 3-0. Ken Sampson had little sympathy for the 60+ crowd as he defeated Gary Roberts in 3 games. Young Benoit Sampson had Jeremy Stiles doing a Cam Beck impersonation of talking to himself on the court but to no avail as the youngster picked up the win in 4 games. Newcomer Trevor MacNeil gave veteran Mike Gallant all he could handle but lost in 5 well played games. Donnie Gallant has brought the “Hushinator” back for another season as he used it to his advantage to defeat a bewildered Floyd Jackson. Brian Ashby has shaken off the cobwebs after a 6 year hiatus from squash to defeat Rob Blanchard in 5 tough games. There is a new CWOV on the scene as newcomer Enrique Riveroll displayed some great skill and shots while defeating Kevin Hodgson in 3 games. It was great to see Inez Roberts back on the courts and it looks like she has not lost a step as she defeated junior Mya MacNevin in 4 games, welcome back Inez we missed you!! Kelly MacWilliams also picked up 5 points for the Hawks with a 3-1 win over Ryan Blanchard. That’s it for the first go around, a reminder to all players that if you have to reschedule please let your opponent know in plenty of time and try to reschedule as soon as possible, also let ken or myself know if you are rescheduling and send results as soon as you have them. Until next week, get to the T, the walls are your friends and best of luck to all playing in the Aspin Cup this coming weekend!!