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Wednesday Night Trickle Boasts! Week 8

Week eight is now in the books and the Panthers continue to dominate with a solid lock on first place but “who let the dogs out”, the Huskies are hot on the trail of the cats and made a substantial move up the ladder with a blowout win over the hapless Tigers 44-19. The dogs picked up wins from Wayne Stanley who avenged and revenged a previous loss to Jeremy Stiles, Jason MacIntyre, Wade Gauthier,Luke LeClair, Dan Lazaratos, Stephen Cudmore and James O’halloran. Gary Roberts, who groused that he was sick and tired of his wife carrying the load, finally picked up a win and five points for the lowly Tigers and Trevor MacNeil continued to round into form with a tough five gamer over Bruce Johnston. In the second session the Blue Eagles eked out a 23-21 win over the Capers. Rob Morrison continues to impress as he took down Pierre Amsellum in four games while Shawn Hughes used his new squash shoes ,that he just bought from his opponent, to his advantage and defeated Andy Gallant in four games. Seana Evans-Renault continued her stellar play and defeated Rhonda MacLean in three games. Leading the way for the Capers was impressive junior Nathan Phillips, Nathan is improving at an exponential rate and he looks like he will be peaking just in time for the Canada Games. Nathan took down a very tough and talented Kyle Chaisson in four entertaining games. Also picking up five points for the Capers was Canada Games hopeful Ty Good as he took down steadily improving Matt Gallant in five tough games. CWOV’s Jeff Wichell and Derek Anderson locked up in another five gamer with Wichell pulling it out in the fifth. In the last session of the evening Connor Jinks has indeed snatched the pebble from the hand of the master as he had absolutely no sympathy for his father and took him down in three mercifully quick games. Following in her brothers footsteps, Emma Jinks showed little sympathy and continued the female domination of Brodie Carter this past week albeit in a much friendlier way and defeated Carter in four games. Undefeated Robert Sharkie continued his dominance at the sixth level with a four game win over Floyd Jackson and John McAleer played his best Squash of the season and defeated a very tough but tired Enrique Riveroll in five gruelling games which Riveroll would never see in tennis. Madison McQuaid is starting to show the poise and confidence she will need if she hopes to capture a spot on the Canada Games team as she defeated kelly MacWilliams in three games. Replying for the Sea Hawks were Benoit Sampson with a win over fellow junior Samantha Lawther and Brian Ashby with five game win over Liam “Tough Guy” Jinks on Liam’s 12th birthday. Once again if you have played rescheduled games and have not reported them please do so as soon as possible, and to ensure that your scores have been recorded check the weekly results. Until next week, get to the T, the walls are your friends and get those rescheduled matches played only two more weeks to go!!

Standings Nov.20th      
Panthers 274    
Huskies 249    
Sea Hawks 230    
Capers 207    
Blue Eagles 192    
Tigers 181



Wednesday Night Trickle Boasts! Week Seven

Wednesday night’s matches were inundated with re-schedules so to the people who need to get their games in, please do so before the deadline of Sunday December 7th. Some league information to the newcomers and a reminder to vets that only the top two teams play off for the league championship. It could be your rescheduled game that will put your team into one of the top two spots. At the end of each league we award prizes for the winning team and we also award a prize to the player who has the best record at each level. However, there are some restrictions to win each level, the winning player must play all their games to be eligible to win. As an example, player A might have won all their games but had a rescheduled game that they did not get in, whereas player B lost a game but played all his/her matches. The winner is player B because we are trying to promote the league as being a team experience where players are encouraged to come out and support their team mates and participate on the night that you are scheduled to play. In the first session of the night the Capers led by Nathan Phillips, Spencer Russel, Ty Good and Jeff Wichell defeated the Tigers 27-15. As usual, Mike Buchanan picked up his customary five points with a win over Jonathan O’keefe. To Juice’s credit he made some fine shots and against anyone else they would probably be winners but Buchanan is a step above all others on this island! Inez Roberts picked up her seventh consecutive win and once again served as a counterbalance for the Roberts family!! The second session had some awesome matches that went the full five games. Rob Morrison, just back from the injured reserve list, kept his vaunted temper in check (for the most part) and took down a tough Lyndon Oulton in the fifth game, great to see you back Rob! Shawn Hughes drew upon his “Jedi mind tricks” to confuse talented junior Samantha Lawther and defeat her in five entertaining games. For the first place Panthers veteran Robert Sharkie took down a determined Dana Cole in five games while J.S Duchesne. still hurting from a Liam Toughguy Jinks challenge which dropped him a level, took it out on improving Matt Gallant in five great games. Madison McQuaid avenged and revenged an earlier loss to Colin “Jahangir” Younker and ended his five game winning streak. The final session of the night also had some great five game battles, Ken Sampson led the way for the Sea Hawks as he took down a determined Allan Hughes in the fifth game. Brodie Carter out lasted CWOV Wayne Stanley in five good tough games, if Carter develops a touch game with a good drop shot he will be a force to reckon with and will challenge to get to the coveted A division. Benoit Sampson was just too much for veteran Bruce Johnston as the youngster refused to tire and unfortunately Bruce did and lost in five well played games. Newcomer Todd Gallant showed quickness and determination to defeat Canada Games hopeful Mya MacNevin in four games and James O’halloran got back to his winning ways with a win over kelly MacWilliams. Until next week, get to the T, the walls are your friends and best of luck to all those who are playing in the Charlottetown Open! Also, if any games in the tournament coincide with league play, use them as a reschedule and send me the results!

Standings Nov.14th  
Panthers 238
Huskies 203
Sea Hawks 203
Capers 186
Tigers 162
Blue Eagles 161




Due to unfortunate circumstances, we will be unable to host the tournament at UPEI this weekend. Squash PEI would like to welcome everyone to the Charlottetown Open, with all games being played at the Spa Total Fitness Center! 


 Games get underway at 5:00pm Friday evening with opening round matches in all divisions. Games run Saturday all day from 9:00am-6:00pm and Sunday we start again at 9:00am with the Mens A Championship Game scheduled to start at 1:00pm. Players are asked to register at the tournament desk (located in front of Court #4) when they arrive and before they play their first match. Payment is to be received BEFORE YOU PLAY! We ask that you check in at the front desk no less 15 minutes before your scheduled match. If we can stay on or ahead of schedule we want to get your game up and running ASAP.

Courtside Snacks will be available and also we hope you will be kicking around at 12:30pm for PIZZA!!!!!

I know I know, this is what you are all waiting for! The tournament social will be from 9:00pm - 11:00pm at the Murphy Community Center (located at 200 Richmond Street). There will be FREE Bowling for all tournament players. The Murphy Center has given us lanes 1-6 for our players so if lanes are all full when you arrive, hop in and you will get the next one when games finish. Simply go to the front desk when you arrive and tell them you are with the Squash Tournament and they will ask for your shoe size. To those that are 19+, the East End Pub is in the facility overlooking the lanes if you are interested in having a beverage or two!

Mens A Championship Game is scheduled to start at 1:00pm and all Award presentations for all divisions will take place immediately following the match!

Good luck to everyone, see you tonight!


Wednesday Night Trickle Boasts! Week Six

The second half of the Wednesday Night House league round robin has begun and the Panthers continue to be the cream of the crop as they hold a 17 point lead over second place Huskies. In the 5:00 session there were no avenge/revenge matches as all players who won in the first round robin continued their dominance. Highlight game of the first session had Jeremy Stiles out last Brodie Carter in an entertaining five gamer that could have gone either way but the surprising Stiles gutted it out to win 12-10 in the fifth. If you are interested in having a bite while you watch a match get in touch with Enrique “Iglesias” Riveroll, apparently he will feed you if you promise to watch his match. I asked the diners if they were impressed with Riveroll’s squash skills, they said not really but the food was good! Seriously get in touch, you can watch squash, get fed and he might even sing to you. Oh yeah, Riveroll took down kevin Hodgson in three quick games, he didn’t even give his guests time to finish supper, come on man, time to move up!! Also picking up wins for the Hawks were the father son duo of Ken and Benoit Sampson, Mike Gallant and brian Ashby,as usual Mike Buchanan gave his weekly lesson for a win for the Tigers. Highlight of the second session had Linden Oulton and Pierre Amsellum locked up in a great battle that had Oulton go down two before battling back to win the next three games to help the league leading Panthers hold onto top spot.  It was deja vu for Samantha Lawther as she lost the first game to Andy Gallant before storming back to win the next three for the victory. Connor Jinks continues to fine tune his game as he defeated a game but overmatched Jonathan O’keefe in three. If Buchanan is the “Great One” than I believe that Connor is the “Next One” and will challenge Mike in the near future. Also picking up wins for the Panthers were steady Steven Banks and improving Mandy Oulton. The hapless Capers were led by steady and improving junior Ty Good and Andrew Avery. In the last session of the night the Huskies solidified their hold on second place by defeating the Blue Eagles 30-21. Wayne Stanley used his superior fitness (hahahahah, check that) I meant shot making (hahahaha, check that), ok dumb ass luck to rally from a two game deficit and come back to win in five, seemed worth it last night, not so much today!! Veterans Bruce Johnston and Shawn Hughes hooked up in a great battle that Bruce eked out in four great games with scores of 14-12, 8-11,15-13 and 12-10 in the fourth. Luke leClair showed skill and scary quickness in taking down talented junior Logan Anderson in four games while crafty Wade Gauthier defeated lefty Dana Cole in three games. Daniel Lazaratos and steadily improving newcomer Matt Gallant battled it out over five games with Dan pulling it out in the fifth. Although it pains me to say it the only bright light for the Blue Eagles was Colin Jahangir Younker as he picked up his fifth win in a row over previously undefeated James O’Halloran. There you have it for week 6, until next week, get to the T, the walls are your friends and please try to play any rescheduled matches before it is too late.

Standings Nov.6th      
Panthers 210    
Huskies 183    
Sea Hawks 175    
Capers 164    
Tigers 143    
Blue Eagles 138



Register for UPEI Open

The 2014 UPEI Open is approaching fast and it's sure to be action packed with a 3 match guarantee. There won't be a tournament souvenir but registration is only $30 for adults and $20 for juniors and students. Please register online by November 10th at midnight by clicking on the poster below.